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50 Cent Disowns 16-Year-Old Son Via Angry Text Messages [PHOTOS]


50 Cent has been known to go to war with words against rival rappers, but allegedly he aimed some vicious words towards his 16-year-old son. A series of alleged text messages between the Queens rapper and his first born, Marquise, have been leaked publicly and reveals 50 disowning the teenager.

Radaronline.com reportedly obtained a phone registered to G Unit Touring, a company owned by 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson.  The exchange took place in January, according to time stamp of the texts. For over an hour, Fif blasts his son with a variety of insults, as Marquise attempts to take the high road during the exchange.

From what can be assessed, The G Unit boss was angry at his son after driving an unknown distance to visit him in Atlanta and feeling ignored by the teen.

An excerpt of the text transcript:

50 Cent: I came to the front door then lights went off. What’s up?

Marquise: U lying u outside?

Marquise: Lol u fronting.

50 Cent: I saw you looking out the window good luck in life. Your gonna need it.

Marquise: Lol u fronting hard body now, how u going to see me when I’m in the basement lmao

50 Cent: F*ck you

Several texts fly between the pair, and it seems that Marquise is delighting in his father’s meltdown. 50 then texts, “You are your mothers son. I don’t have a son anymore.”

The timing of this news is questionable, considering 50 is facing domestic violence and vandalism charges after an argument last month with a woman who reportedly is the mother of his child. 50 Cent, who recently celebrated his 38th birthday, is due to appear in court in July 22.

Check the following pages to see the texts.

Photo: Invision

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  • Gina

    This article should’ve been titled “I ride with 50…” because nowhere does 50’s son seem to be “delighting” in his dad’s socio-pathology. He’s actually trying to talk him down, at least at first. I mean, if you’re a ride or die 50 fan, then just say so. Write this as an editorial…

    50 dogs dudes every day all day, so it’s no surprise that he dogged his own kid. If you read the entire text (which you didn’t post here), 50 admits to not even knowing where the kid lived, and having to call to ask for the address. Then he laments having to go “out of his way” to see the kid. That ‘s not a dad. That ‘s a guy who views his kid as a menace.

  • Nay

    i never seen a father talk to his son like that i mean i know his son may have been wrong for not seeing him but 50 is wrong and i wont be supporting him

    • well

      Well these texts are from the kids phone, so what is he gonna delete to make it look better

  • Silver925

    That is the poorest excuse for a “LIGIT” text conversation that I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that some texts HAD TO BE DELETED… Look at the dates and time stamps! Teens do have a tendency to ignore their parents which of course hurts the parent or parents feelings as well as pisses them off. Apologize to each other and keep on keeping on!

  • just saying

    convo seems fake? anyone cant have two phones and go back and fourth or change a name in the contacts. doesnt seem reall im not a 50 fan but this seems fake.. how did yall get all these text screen shots anyways?

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      his son was talking about it on twitter

  • I think 50 Cent was hurt by the way his son avoided him. Maybe it wasn’t right for him to say what he said but it has to be frustrating to have a kid who has likely been turned against you by the mother.

  • disqus_dFpgJSTh6u

    Geez, glad i dont have a dad thats as bad a person as 50 cent, thats for sure!

  • squiggysmom1

    This is sad in so many ways. These two need to get into counseling together. It’s obvious that 50 feels his son is being cruel and toying with him, and his son obviously wants proof that his dad loves him. For a father to say the things he said to his son about his mother is sickening. Lashing out at his son in such an obscene way is over the line.

  • Denny D

    If this kid is that loser’s biological son he’s screwed!! A tainted gene pool.

  • indio7777

    Thug life. Actually, normal black family life. This is ‘understandable’ to them. Whatevs. Can’t even have a conversation with proper English.

    • Brent Allen Strawhacker

      “Whatevs” is proper English now??

      • Aasia Sofia Lazaro

        “Whatevs” is just slang and he wrote it like that on purpose. That text convo was filled with misspellings, totally lacked punctuation, had terrible grammar etc.. Two different things entirely!!

    • Cranbury Jude

      you must be suffering from lil white boy pee pee syndrome. that’s understandable too.

    • thenatural10

      Do you need proper english to be able to communicate! Come on man, think before you write! Youre backwards and that way of thinking is soooo negative…

    • Deez


      • adam smith

        Deez is on his knees blowing men!

  • Mark

    9/10 couples should not conceive.


    Another RETARD with too much money and not enough education. What a tool.

  • boulcut

    All that money and not enough sense to spend five bucks on a box of condoms to avoid the nonsense with ghetto baby mamas and dumb kids. Tisk, tisk.

  • Me

    I just hope this kid doesn’t grow up to be as dumb as his dad. Take the money and run kid … go get an education and don’t be part of the 47%.

  • BJ

    Court date looming. Find that kid so I can prove what a responsible parent I am. Kid’s not stupid.

  • olvera_m

    50cent: I disown you !
    son: k

  • Dwanna


  • Pleeez

    Did .50 burn down his baby mamas house on Long Island NY a few years ago? Oh wait he never got charged wid dat.

  • For Sale

    And y’all wonder why their is such a problem with black youth. You perpetuate your own situation. Nice mouth, dad. Bipolar much? He sounds like threal 50.

    • For Sale

      Making basyards like its a right.