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Black Twitter Ethers Paula Deen, Again [PHOTOS]


Paula Deen is clearly unaware how this whole Twitter things functions. Today (July 11), the TV chef who lost a gang of endorsement deals thanks to her racists rhetoric caught the wrath of the Internets thanks to an ill timed tweet.

“My favorite potluck dish is ______ RT me your answer!,” tweeted Deen shortly after 4 pm. A number of factors led to the subsequent wave of slander.

One, Paula Deen’s use of the N-word and its fall out is still fresh on the minds of many. Two, today was the closing arguments from the prosecution in the George Zimmerman trial. So the righteous Tweeterswho feel that America should be spelled with three K’s were already riled up. Lastly, Black Twitter will seize any open invitation to clown someone wheneverit can, and that tweet was just too damn easy to pass up.

Check out the best of the day’s Paula Deen slander via Twitter in the following pages.


Photo: Instagram, Twitter

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  • BlackBarbie627

    If only us black people put THIS MUCH energy into gang violence and what goes on in our own backyard, than this one woman the world would be a very much BETTER place

    • Shelly

      Um, no it wouldn’t. You make it sound like black people are the only ones making the world a sh**ty place. And what makes you think people haven’t tried to end gang violence in the black community? Sit down.

      • BlackBarbie627

        BUT black twitter/black america is putting so much energy into this one irrelelvant white woman.
        when we could be putting the same energy into our communities, so no SHELLY i wont sit down.
        i’m black but black people stay placing their energies in the WRONG places. f*ck what paula deen has to say, she lost her job yada yada MOVE ON. go help y’all communities.

      • RiverSongs817

        What makes you think they aren’t? Idk about you, but I have enough time in my day to send a .5 second tweet and also volunteer as an adult literacy instructor. This Paula Deen controversy has shed a lot of light on southern racists that don’t think what they say and think is actual racism. And yes, it’s important that the world knows about it. So why don’t you stop wasting time trying to call other people out and make a difference in YOUR community instead of obsessing over trivial things Ms. “Black Barbie”. PS, she didn’t lose her “job” she lost a show on Food Network. Her restaurant is still open and raking in more money than ever before because there are so many supporters of her way of thinking.

      • BlackBarbie627

        Yes of course.
        and NEWSFLASH she is not the only racist in the world, are we supposed to bash every single one ? it is what it is. im just saying that we seem to be putting too much energy into one thing. instead of helping each other/our neighbors.. Paula Deen will get hers.. but of course, im wrong and nobody sees my point.

      • krossoverking

        This isn’t a lot of energy, and the amount of energy put into these posts is nowhere near the amount that would be needed to end gang violence and activity, or even significantly slow it down.

  • cj

    It’s the MEDIA that puts Paula in spotlight on any and every thing she does! Remember, it was a White lady name Lisa Jackson that exposed Paula!

    • BlackBarbie627

      definitely, the media always has a “target of the moment”

    • krossoverking

      That’s what happens when you become a public figure. You expose yourself to the full wrath of the media. If she didn’t want that, she should have stuck to cookbooks.

  • Janet

    I guess I’m really out of it. What in heaven’s name is ________________RT??????

    • Ed Mintey

      Yeh, that she said.