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12 Rappers Who Are Really ‘Bout That Life [PHOTOS]


A criminal past isn’t a necessary requirement to become a rapper, but if your image is one of tough talk and the like, it’s helpful when fans don’t doubt the sincerity. Since the beginning, there have been rappers from the hardest hoods to the plushest suburbs, but there are a few acts that appear to still be deep in the streets. Or, at least one point were.

Of course, the softer side of rap has plenty of representatives such as Kanye West, Drake, Kid Cudi and others not mentioned on this list. But on the flip, there are some rappers we wouldn’t tussle with unless we had armed guards behind us.

HipHopWired looks at 12 rappers (actually “rap acts” since there are some groups in here) that are ’bout that life, even after jail stints and growing fame.

Photo: Maybach Music Group, YouTube, Montreality, Instagram, Facebook, Def Jam

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  • Young Dane

    What about 50 Cent ? Just saying. The dude had shooters who he beefed that still Said he was da man !!

  • Lee Banks

    where Boosie at on this list? dude convicted of running a drug ring in 2 prisons and 8 counts of murder

    • Tiassopinkmommy

      I know right and maintained a loyal following at that for the whole time while he was in there

  • Jamal Williams

    Freddie Gibbs?

    • ImLion

      That’s what I was thinking, I went through this whole list waiting to see his name…. they could have at least put him on their cause he’s the only modern day rapper doing it

  • CarmyneRevolver

    Max B? 72 years….



    • RichiePorter585

      for real tho…niggas forgot biggavell smh

  • mark

    umm DMX?

  • boutmybidness

    maybe it’s time to stop giving record contracts to criminals. (RIP Trayvon). Just sayin’.

  • brad

    Uncle Murda should be a top of this list definitely. just look at this mans name and listen to his lyrics

    • SomeGuyDude

      And he got shot in the goddam head and left the hospital that day.

  • Eazy- E

    Shyne…. 10 years in the box for bussin in a club. Didn’t snitch and took his charge like a man

    • HEELawrence

      For shooting up at the air ?… No, sorry…

  • HEELawrence

    How about Rick Ross ?… JK, JK…
    “Officerr Riccckkkyyyyy!.”

  • steve-o

    how is gucci on this list? he killed someone that tried to kill him- that doesnt equal bout that life thats what anyone is supposed to do to survive

  • Anonymous

    Tupac shot at cops!!! Wtf!!!

  • Bii

    MF lokks like he fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch.

  • cervan

    Gunplay looks disgusting. Seriously, he just looks gross as hell.

  • Fatima

    Hip Hop was suppose to be the next level to uplift our people and consciousness. Money replaced that. These record labels PIMPED HIP HOP & TURNED. HER INTO A TWO CENT.98% of these rappers are Fugazzy. Kanye never said he was a drug dealer his music sale. Real people Who truly about that life would never say it because that brings troubles to them.The phony Rick Ross tried to still billionare drug dealer entire swag can somebody say Contra Scam . William Leonard was a co in a prison an he attended. a HBCU that’s never promoted.

  • Daddynate

    I saw a video with Beanie kissing a dude all in his neck while he was trying to rap

  • MacJacMcCoy

    What about Cassidy? Dude tried to mess with him and got a hole in the head. Did a year and jail and never ratted or took a plea. If you got Gucci on here you gotta have Cassidy. Putting Gunplay on and keeping 50 and Cassidy off seems like u got a thing for MMG.

  • LOL