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Leaky Boobage: 11 Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Ep. 14 [PHOTOS]


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta‘s penultimate episode of the season was last night and it featured leaky breast implants, plenty of Kirk Frost struggle and Mimi Faust saying things that just don’t make sense. Basically, just what we expected from the latest episode of ratchet television.

Frost, whose motorbike caught a fade courtesy of his mother-in-law’s automobile, is scrambling to get his marriage back in order. Rasheeda isn’t going to make it easy, though. But can you blame her after this man’s well-documented f-ckery?

Rasheeda was just about the only woman who made sense this episode (K.Michelle and Ariane were basically AWOL). Mimi continued to rant and rave about her independence, yet happily took cash and gifts Stevie J provided. Erica listened to Scrappy make a plea for a engagement d0-over and Karlie Redd figured hustling Benzino for some cash is more prudent than getting a j-o-b. Also, Joseline and Steebie set things up to make sure the final episode (next week) of the season will feature nuclear levels f-ckery.

Just another night on reality television. Check out 11 things we learned from last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta in the following pages.

Photos: VH1

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  • Marsha

    Karlie Redd is a struggle!

    • Dee

      Like really? You can just go ask a guy you USED to eff for money to fix your implants? It’s that easy? And here I am with lopsided tits for a couple of years. Shucks….lemme get my ex-husband’s number and try that ish. Mine aren’t leaking, but one’s just a tad bit higher than the other. I need to get that fixed. Or maybe I need to just go to Atlanta and find no-neck Benzino. If he’ll do it for her I KNOW he’ll do it for me. That chick look like the crypt keepers BIG sister.
      What the UCK?!!! LOL

      • Marsha

        I doubt Karlie got that money easy! Nothing in life is for free, bcuz some1 always have to bare the expense.

      • She’s Brantastic

        It’s really not that expensive to get then fixed in that situation. I had the same thing happen to me where one was caught under the muscle and was slightly higher than the other. I talked to my p.s. and she agreed to only charge me for anesthesia to pull it down and it would have been about $400…but I decided to swap ’em out for bigger, higher-profile implants instead 😉 Good luck to you!!