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#ThirstTrap: Rihanna Twerks To Meek Mill’s “Believe It” [PHOTOS/VIDEO]


Rihanna strikes again, but in a good way if you fall victim to thirst traps often. Melissa Forde — a close friend and apparently a resident cameraman for the multi-platinum selling songstress — was on the scene with a videophone handy to capture her partner in crime twerking on a boat to Meek Mill’s energetic anthem, “Believe It.”

The footage was posted on Instagram yesterday, but the footage took a while to travel through the Internets. We think you’ll agree when we say this visual comes better late than never.

In between salivating, we couldn’t help but recall Rih-Rih‘s history of releasing similar videos and photos in the past.

Hit the jump to see the singer shake her caboose and a host of other thirst traps she’s set on social media.

Photo: Instagram

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  • blackqueen

    Yea the bishhh has time to post mess l8ke this, but cant show up to a deposition, for a law suit she filed, bisshh is shaped just that kae chick, boy chest , flat azzz and no rhythm, to try and twerk if she tried, attention starved and lame as they come, smh

    • Steph

      Spoken like a true beyawnsay fan, don’t you have some clients somewhere waiting for you on a corner

  • HoneybLex

    Live your life Rhianna and thanks for the video Melissa…people hate this gurl and don’t even know her…smh

  • kai

    She has nothing to twerk lol. I’m starting to think she needs to get a life. I love her style though. ..and yes she seems to be more real than Beyonce.

    • Lira

      You sittin up here talkin about her, so please get yo life

    • ukreporter1

      Whatever! It all her natural body. I guess if she paid to get more you still would be talking on that. Keep doing you Rihanna! live your life and let everyone with a lot of crap to say do themelves whatever that maybe but it does not seem like very much hence ‘the judge and Jury’ effect.

  • Tha Real Hamia

    Rihanna can’t do no wrong in my eyes.

  • Los_Collier

    Sombdy please save this bish b4 she drowns

  • Ouch*Dee*Thats*Bottom!

    HOw many of you enjoyed hearing her scream like that?

  • Anonymous

    All of you just stfu. There doesnt need to be fights between Beyonce and Rhinanna fans. They both singers. They both sings the same type of music and if you don’t like one of them then hop off cause they dont affect you anyways.