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The 10 Greatest Philadelphia Eagles Football Fails


Whether you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan or not, chances are you are now familiar with Riley Cooper. Earlier this week footage surfaced of the wide receiver at a Kenny Chesney concert aggressively yelling “I will fight every ni–er here!” Not the best choice in words for a Caucasian wide receiver in the NFL.

For what you ask? He was denied backstage entry by Black security guards – oh the tragedy. N-bombs and drunken hillbillies aside, this only adds to the laundry list of fails by the Philadelphia Eagles organization.

Since then a media frenzy has followed the player non-stop, which has resulted in him copping pleas in an informal live press conference and undisclosed fines by the Eagles. While the jury is still out on if Cooper can regains his largely African-American team’s trust, it is only safe to say he will be on the receiving end of some punishing hits from his defensive adversaries once the 2013 NFL season starts.

Here are 10 more examples of the Eagles’ football struggle.

Photo: Philadelphia Daily News, Yong Kim

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  • MikeElam23

    The Greatest Football Fail was not getting Donovan Mcnabb talented receivers until 2004. Donovan was one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL during his prime, and I don’t give a damn what anyone says.( his stats and accomplishments speak for themselves) He was given half the talent of other quarterbacks at the receiver position early in his career, the Eagles would have won ATLEAST one ring. Unfortunately he wasn’t giving that along with a consistent running game. Those things along with poor head coaching in big games by Reid, would be the Philadelphia Eagles downfall.