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Holy Casting, Batman: 15 Actors Who Could Play The Dark Knight


By now, you all have heard that the next installment of the Man of Steelfranchise will feature the Big Blue Boy Scout facing off against The Batman. Announced at last month’s Comic-Con, director Zack Snyder used Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns comic as just the inspiration necessary to ignite fans around the possible sequel.

While there is still no script in the works, that won’t stop us (or anyone else for that matter) from trying to predict who will don the legendary cape and cowl formerly worn by Christian Bale. In a rumor that was dropped by The Hollywood Reporter, there’s already a potential casting list of names that are being thrown around that include True Blood‘s Joe Manganiello and Brit actor Richard Armitage.

The premise of these two Justice Leaguefounders finally being featured in a blockbuster film together for the first time is quite an exciting idea. Adapting Frank Miller’s catastrophic tale, which pits Supes against Bats in a battle for the ages, will equally make comic book fans happy since DC Comics hasn’t really struck gold with their own live action film projects.

Either way you slice it, now that a Superman/Batman movie has been officially confirmed, we’ve singled out these actors who possess the skills to instill criminals with fear  and the philanthropic charisma to play the Bruce Way/Batman role convincingly.

Photo: Business Insider

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  • DZS

    why not switch it up?have some one of another race play the caped crusader?im white it wouldnt bother me.

    • Danielle Kwateng

      Did you see Idris Elba was listed?

  • Lester Salubayba

    just bring back CHRISTIAN BALE as BATMAN! he may not be the best batman ( but for me, HE IS..) but commercial wise or boxoffice wise, he’s your best option. at least there will be link between the dark knight trilogy to the upcoming MAN OF STEEL 2

    • SuperSauce

      The whole point is so there isn’t a link between the two. The Dark Knight trilogy was supposed to be its own thing.

  • Queenie

    By the way Christian Bale is a Brit so Batman, Superman and Spider-man have had Brits in all three roles before.

    • Danielle Kwateng

      Not all at the same time.

  • Jose Pabon

    I think that actor Gerald Butler should be consider for the next Batman role