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NYPD Seizes Hundreds Of Guns After Rapper Brags On YouTube & Instagram [PHOTOS]


Social media, gun runners and a foolhardy rapper led to the biggest bust ever of illegal firearms by the NYPD. Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed today that undercover cops seized what amounted to a huge arsenal of automatic assault weapons including machine guns, high-capacity assault rifles and handguns. 

DNA Info New York reports:

A joint sting between the NYPD, Manhattan Disrict Attorney’s Office and office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor netted 19 members of a gun-trafficking ring that stretched all the way down to the Carolinas, according to the mayor. Half of the weapons came from those Southern states, he said.

“There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns — the largest bust in the city’s history — has saved lives,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a press conference at NYPD headquarters Monday morning. “For that reason, every New Yorker in every part of our city, owes a debt of thanks to all those involved in this investigation.”

Of course, Bloomberg used his time at the podium to say the bust is evidence that his stop-and-frisk policy, which was recently deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, is still necessary.

Never mind the fact that the guns in the bust came mostly from North Carolina and South Carolina. Also, that police officer must be blind if he needs to frisk someone to find a rifle, just saying. Some of the 19 men that were arrested said stop-and-frisk did make bringing the guns into the city difficult. However, as seen by all the arm an undercover cop was able to buy, the gun runners found a way to make it happen.

Buzzfeed reports that investigators were tipped off to the ring, which sent the firearms to Brooklyn, when a rapper posted photos of guns and cash to Instagram and YouTube. The rapper was in a recording studio that was above a Bed-Stuy restaurant when he posted the images.

The struggle rapper jokes really do write themselves.

Check out photos of the NYPD’s haul of weapons–254 in total were seized–in the gallery.

Photos: Twitter, NYPD

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  • Christopher Wilk

    See with stories like this it’s really hard to believe and fight for Stop-and-Frisk policies the City Officials I’m sure really feel justified with using any means necessary to keep people safe in N.Y. including breaking the Constitution.

    • fireaterfromhell

      But they didn’t stop and frisk him to get the guns…

    • Kivaari

      But it should not be illegal to carry or own a gun in NYC.

  • buck

    mayor bloomberg and new york is full of sh

    • DeezyHatesHoes


  • DeezyHatesHoes

    I hope he was fresh as hell….

  • Aaron Mason

    Of the 6000+ annual firearm deaths in America, fully 80% are directly
    related to marijuana prohibition. Guns don’t kill people, prohibition
    kills people. We all know marijuana is harmless, we need to stop wasting our
    tax dollars and police time on this stupid bullshit.

    • Andylit

      If you want to spout nonsense, the least you could do is get your baseline numbers correct.

      Firearm homicides are running in the area of 11,000-12,000 per year.

      Now, if you would be so kind as to produce you source for the marijuana related deaths, we would all be very appreciative.

      • GodlessHeathenLiberalSocialist

        Tell you what, show ME one case of someone overdosing on marijuana.

      • Andylit

        What possible relevance does that have to firearm related homicides?

        I got off the pipe nearly 30 years ago. Perhaps you should as well. It may allow for some clarity in your thinking.

      • dinkster

        Homicides are concentrated in cities with population densities of 250,000 or more. The majority of said homicides are gang related. Gang related violence is typically turf violence for drug sales profits. The Silk Road did more to reduce homicides in this country than all the drug prohibition laws ever could, turning back alley violence into bad user reviews.

        Here are some sources:

        Gun-related violence is most common in poor urban areas and frequently associated with gang violence – Bjerregaard, Beth, Alan J. Lizotte (1995). “Gun Ownership and Gang Membership”. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (The Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology (1973-), Vol. 86, No. 1) 86 (1): 37–58.doi:10.2307/1143999. JSTOR 1143999. NCJ 162688.

        In U.S. cities with populations greater than 250,000, the mean homicide rate was 12.1 per 100,000. – “Rate: Number of Crimes per 100,000 Inhabitants by Population Group”. Federal Bureau of Investigation. 2005.

        US-based gangs act as enforcers for Mexican drug cartels. – “FBI — 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment – Emerging Trends. Fbi dot gov.

      • Andylit

        None of which says a word in support of the ludicrous assertion that “…80% are directly related to marijuana prohibition.”

        The comment is very specific, unsupportable and incredibly foolish.

      • dinkster

        I was waiting for this. Any person murdered in the name of profit for drug sales is a drug related fatality. I will say that the percentage is “who cares, it is a lot” and the discussion about what to do to fix it should reflect that.

      • Andylit

        “…80% are directly related to marijuana prohibition.”

        Come up with some hard stats that accurately reflect the actual numbers directly linked to pot prohibition.

        Or find some other factoid you can actually support. I do not debate serious issues with people who pull stats from their nether regions.

      • dinkster

        That would require digging through every piece of source material I have with a spreadsheet. It is a complete waste of time given that I still probably wouldn’t convince you of anything. I’ll let my references and argument stand on their own.

      • Andylit

        As I suspected. You’ve nothing.

        Aaron Mason made a very specific claim which I called BS on. You chimed in with a series of sources, claimed a majority of gang killing are drug related, yet produced no stats to support even that idea, much less Mason’s absurd claim.

        You then indicate that to find this proof you would have to dig through the supporting documentation. This tells me that YOU DON’T KNOW. You haven’t even digested the sources you expect me to look at to support your claims.

        I am inclined to agree with your general notion in re gang shootings, but only to a certain degree. And certainly not without hard numbers gleaned from your sources. You made the claim. It is YOUR responsibility to back up the claim, not mine.

        And, to return to the original premise of 80% of gun murders being related to pot laws, I again call BS.

        When we debate, we use FACTS. It is incumbent on Mason or you to support the specific comment I object to. With hard numbers.

      • dinkster

        You are most definitely not arguing in good faith any longer.

      • Andylit

        BULL. You have not presented anything other than a broad opinion based on source material you obviously have not read.

        I repeat. When you find that dat you need to support the claim made by Mason, and that you apparently agree with, show me the source.

        I will be glad to read the materials and respond.

      • dinkster

        The number of deaths from gang related violence is around 10,000 per year. Drug war statistics are not difficult to find.

      • Andylit

        Look kid, here’s how it works. You make a claim. If called on it, you back it up with facts. Do they not teach debate 101 in school anymore?

        You spout to your friends all day long. As long as they agree with you, no problem. When you spout on a public forum, if you want to be taken seriously, you back up you comments.

        Until and unless you produce the stats to back your claim, you are part of the background noise ignored by anyone looking for a serious and honest debate.

      • dinkster

        10,000 divided by 16,000. Gang death vs overall homicides. Is it safe to assume that the majority of homicides in this country are related to drug policy? I think so.

        I’ve read all my source material, for years I’ve been reading it, because the irony of this is I use the same argument against firearm prohibition, a position you likely agree with given your post history.

      • Andylit

        Once again you are losing the debate.

        Approximately 16,500 homicides with 11,000 being firearm related. You offer no evidence of gang related figures.

        Let me help you out. According to the stats at nationalgangcenter DOT gov, the number of gang related homicides in 2011 was 1824.

        So, with a single stat from what appears to be a very reliable source, your entire argument collapses.

      • dinkster

        According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011.

      • Andylit

        The only CDC study I am aware of is a very limited offering that covers major cities from 2003-2008. I am open to a later study but none appear on the CDC site. The study I am finding was released in early 2012. It is a major effort and it is unlikely a more recent has been released.

        BTW, the study I found also fails to support your contention.

        “Gang homicides often occur in public and involve firearms, but are less likely to involve drugs or other crimes than generally believed by the public, according to a report released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Gang homicides frequently involve youth as victims and are often retaliatory reactions to gang conflict.”

        The site I mentioned earlier appears to be the only source of hard numbers out there. I find anecdotal mention of an FBI estimate of about 4000 gang related per year, but cannot find that stat itself.

        Please reply with the name of the CDC study you are quoting.

      • dinkster

        I will research, it is getting increasingly difficult to use gov sources due to shutdown.

      • dinkster

        My source was “National Vital Statistics Reports 2012” Volume 61, Number 6, published by the US Health and Human Services.

      • Andylit

        This report does not address gang related homicides. It most certainly does not include a number attributed to gangs.

        The 11k vs 16k figure you mention is found on page 20, but is the breakout of gun murders from the larger number.

        This is what I am talking about when I say that you must back your comments with hard fact.

        I happen to KNOW that your 10k figure is nonsense. I know it because I follow virtually all topics related to firearms in the US. The 2000 figure is almost certainly low due to the exclusion of unsolved cases, but the FBI figure of 4000 is almost certainly high.

        Your heart is in the right place. Your contention that an immense amount of crime in the US is directly related to drugs being illegal is absolutely correct.

        However, if you want to be taken seriously when you discuss the topic, you need to refrain from making sweeping statements you can’t back up. Anyone with any knowledge on the basic murder stats in the US knows INSTANTLY that your 10k figure is BS.

        It destroys your credibility right out of the box, and you lose the debate automatically.

      • dinkster

        It seems that the 10k number is an extrapolation from the CDC report
        concerning those cities in question based on the 80% contention of gang related homicides. So it may be misleading. I got the
        number from a conservative blog on gun control. I’m not trying to win anything.

      • Andylit

        Always question, regardless of the source.

        Always read the source material. In looking at the CDC report I saw exactly what you discovered. The study never mentioned how many homicides it was actually dealing with. It is a mix and match of a variety of factors that can lead the reader to some very odd places.

        My own opinion is that the leading was intentional. CDC is one of the most politically biased institutions in the US. At least among those that CLAIM impartiality.

        Consider the name. Centers for Disease Control. It was created with the very specific of task of dealing with epidemiology. Over the years, political appointees and hires have morphed it into it was never created for.

        It has gone so far that about Congress has repeatedly passed legislation to reign it back in.

        Rule of thumb. Anything coming from the CDC related to firearms or violence in general is to be automatically challenged. They have a long history of being caught red handed cooking gun stats.

      • It is shocking that so many people blindly accept info they read without contemplating whether there is a agenda. Like you said, always question the source.

      • dinkster

        I’ll quote my original position so you can drop the strawman:

        “I will say that the percentage is “who cares, it is a lot” and the discussion about what to do to fix it should reflect that.”

      • dinkster

        I found this:
        Economic Analysis of a Drug-Selling Gang’s Finances

        It suggests the main source of revenue for gang activity is drug sales. 68k in total revenue and 53k in drug revenue. The data set comes from a single gang, so may not reflect all gangs in general. It is the same problem with the 10k number. I suppose the statistics to support the original claim in full don’t fully exist.

    • Kivaari

      That is silly. Only a few pot heads do something so stupid as to get themselves shot over weed. If it is s dangerous, give up pot or move to Washington or Colorado.

  • Billy Official

    Idiots. We are our own worst enemies at times.

  • Richard Jorgensen

    I am still waiting to see the machineguns?

    • Reb Biker

      I heard the rappers are gluing gun sites on the sides of their machine guns now, so when they hold them sideways they can still aim at each other.

      • Laura

        I hope they enjoy a steady stream of ~400 degree spent shells being projected into their faces.

  • Andylit

    Some very nice pieces mixed in there. If Bloomberg had an ounce of functional brain cells he would auction them off on gunbroker dot com.

    Enough money to run a precinct for a day or 2.

    • Laura

      I know…I think I saw a couple Kimber’s in there which run for about $1000 each by themselves

      What a waste.

  • smelltest

    Maybe the useful information would be “what makes these weapons illegal?” Were they in the possession of known criminals? Were they used in a crime? All I can see from the photo is some semi-automatic pistols. Bloomberg is a known fanatic with no respect for freedoms of individuals. I doubt anything he says.

    • Alex Delarge

      And you are who? I didn’t know anyone needed to explain the law and the arrests to you!

      • smelltest

        Simple possession of weapons is not a good reason for the “gun panic” among liberals. Until a citizen demonstrates that he can’t use a weapon in a responsible way, he should have the right to possess any weapon that the government has. The missing link, of course, is justice. If you permit individuals to run amok and kill other people for no good reason, then justice is perverted. On the way to out right perversion, is NY passing laws that capital punishment only applies to killing police. If efforts to bring lawbreakers to justice (and I do mean capital punishment) is not prioritized above “gun panic”, we all end up like Chicago.

  • Alex Delarge

    Glad rappers IQ’s match their show size!

  • starride

    I want to know how many of them were reported stolen.

  • vlad

    what a idiot,niggr…

  • fireaterfromhell

    Maybe we should give these guns to Al-Quada in Syria so they can kill Americans later on down the road. Wake up people. The government is taking away your guns and assault rifles so we can arm known terrorists!

  • LSD

    once again after reading the statement that the mayor said in this article, it further enforces that hes an idiot.
    just because someone post pics and ran there mouth it gives him the chance to pat his cops on the back for watching a social network and conducting a sting, thats great but stop and frisk has nothing to do with this nor is it effective, and it wont save millions of lives because the guns wont get off the table and start shooting people. anyone who believes him is a fool.

  • Ivan

    The editors who failed to proof read this article need to be fired. Do they even require basic grammar and English proficiency to be a journalist anymore, or is the only requirement a Leftist ideology and/or Affirmative action demographic?

  • stolleteddy .

    Since all these weapons were purchased illegally, just how would having background checks and all the other BS they want to impose on the law abiding gun owners stopped this idiot from buying these guns.

    • Brockssssss

      They were purchased because we don’t track fire arms from factory to store to owner. Weak gun laws allow these guys to buy. You don’t see them buying all their guns in new york, they have to go out of state.

      • dinkster

        Track them how, lojacks in all of them? Will the cops knock on the door with a charging jack when the batteries go dead?



    • dinkster

      You have evidence that this individual was a violent offender?

  • williambaranowski

    “The struggle rapper jokes really do write themselves. ” What does that mean, actually?

  • BHB

    People who own guns are better off not advertising what they own, otherwise, they are just looking for trouble.

  • Lavaar Burton

    who was the c-rapper that had them. post his address just like the msm does to responsible individuals

    • dinkster

      An enemy of my enemy is my friend. Rappers that stand up for their constitution rights sound good to me.

      • Steve Dave

        Criminals selling illegal guns for the purpose of robbery and murder are not standing up for anyone’s rights, they are criminals and are the reason why the rest of us need concealed carry weapons.

  • James Maxwell

    Lots of nice weapons there, to bad the idiot did not have enough sense to keep his mouth shut or else even get a Federal Firearms license to own them in a LEGAL
    state not one of the moonbat states. I suspect it was more his public brag on
    You Tube and Instagram that got them so upset though rather than the lyrics
    of his music?

  • jesse j

    it be’s whiteys fault, de be holden da brutha down!! send mo monies!!

    • WillJamison


  • disqus_10JJw4nqTW

    Full autos huh? I doubt it. Bloomberg needs to establish better NYC border control.

  • ray

    What a bunch of urban gun grabbing idiots.The world has had it with nanny state constitution hating nut jobs like Michael Bloomingfriggenidiot.