Martin Berrios

50 Cent’s 10 Biggest Fails


When you are allegedly worth $200 million dollars and counting, bad days are few and far between. Since his explosive rise to fame 50 Cent has had a serious winning streak that would rival the Miami Heat’s back to back championship seasons.

This includes a groundbreaking mixtape series, Get Rich Or Die Trying, the G-Unit empire,, his very profitable investment in Vitamin Water and more.

But as of recent, he hasn’t had it so easy. Just as of this week 50 lost a lawsuit against his Sleek Audio resulting in a judgment for an undisclosed amount. 50 Cent has since claimed racism played a role in the decision.

While Fif’ is most likely going to keep a healthy bank account intact, it is clear he is no longer bulletproof. Here is a look back at 50 Cent’s biggest fails.

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  • Killa

    whatttttt??? he lost against rick ross what world r u living in ???

    • Anxcellence

      Of course he did! Rick Ross is on top these days! 50 didn’t make a dent on his career

      • Live Well

        He survived 50 Cent. That ain’t the same as winning. Plus, he’s never gone anything but gold…the same as before he bumped heads with 50 Cent.

  • Scott88

    He destroyed camron/dipset

  • dreday

    its clear who ever run this site hate 50 lol

    • MemeInTheHouse

      Agreed. LOL

  • MemeInTheHouse

    These losses are not even worth mentioning. Man, you must have time on
    your hands. The person who wrote this blog will never win be Pulitzer material. SMH!

  • mouth

    G-unit interns in the #house!!! And all of them left comments defending the obvious.
    Yet #another fail.

  • lele

    Who ever wrote this needs to learn the definition of the word “fail”. smfh

  • DeDee82388

    As much as I hate 50 Cent with 200 million dollars in the bank he can afford to fail and at the end of the day he gets the last laugh

  • bread

    Kanye Outsold him the first week…not all together

  • bread

    he lost to rick ross? officer ricky?? thats a joke..

  • elpistolero07

    lol funny article. u dont lose when youve solidified your career, can still tour round the world to a packed crowd and $200 million+ in, in 10 or so yrs of breaking through. lol. 50s won in most categories, not all cause im not biased. but in Ricks case didnt Ricky rozay have only a few hundred ppl show up at his show recently in America? touring is no where as near as Fifs neither. how many albums has Ricky Rozay sold in his career? how much money does Ricky rozay have compared to Fif cause of his career? these are the questions you should be asking yourselves. and on the Cameron case….Lol. where is he?

  • rickrozzz

    rick ross won the battle? ……like really? ……..this is the dumbest hiphop site

  • Turk

    How is 50 going broke? and you didn’t indicate the contract with Netflix and the movies he played in which also made millions! Let’s talk about how you need to work on your research because your material sucks…

  • NYlive

    The whole point 50 got in the rap game was to make money…legally. Game over, who cares about XXL and what battles 50 loss/won. Hear that? 50 laughing all the way to the bank!

  • Jynxstarr

    50 getting clowned with a mantra simply named “Curtis”. But that his name.. then he an album called that so.. ? Huh lol

  • Johnny Trotman

    So what exactly is the author doing with his/her life?

  • robert

    The Best 2 pac BRooo

  • Black_Man_Winning

    You made some incredible cogent points,. Your article and photos are the very real reality of 50cents “success”. A success that is based on selfishness, and the promotion of a hyper sexual, ineffectual African-American that is open to being exploited for white corporate money; thus, supporting white dying hegemony. I am sure you are aware that the Hip-Hop audience is mostly Europeans (Paying for venues) who enjoy reporting on the so called dysfunctional African community, placated by popular African Americans like 50 cent. A person who has a lot of green papers with the big white faces, thus, is person who accepts white people rules. If you think that is being a successful Black man, then you don’t know what it means to be man. Nation Building not integration.

  • Ken M

    These look like W’s to me. This dude kissed Erin Andrews and made millions off of these “fails” while you sat at home and wrote this lousy article.

  • Dee Havior

    It actually looks like Erin Andrews wanted to kiss 50 on the lips then caught herself


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