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The 15 Wildest Looks From Brooklyn’s AfroPunk Fest


While somewhere in America, Miley Cyrus was angering the FCC and the Parents’ Television Council, an estimated 30,000 people turned out for the 8th annual AfroPunk Fest.

The two-day festival, organized by Jocelyn Cooper, is touted around the blogosphere and the streets as “the other Black experience”. Festivalgoers who arrived to Brooklyn, New York City’s Commodore Barry Park celebrated a wide range of audio sounds from punk (see: A Band Called Death) to Hip-Hop to indie rock to reggae, and more. Along with the obligatory food spots and djembe drummers, the very afrocentric occasion saw interested parties enjoying excellent performances from Saul Williams, Jean Grae, K-Os, Danny Brown and more.

Described as a “free space” for Africans, African-Americans and anyone else who wants to venture into that world, the event allows folks to be who they are, however they want to be without being profiled or defined by the outside culture. As Hip-Hop legends mingled with punk rock poets, the area was covered from pillar to post with fashionably bold prints, vibrant colors and eclectic accessories meant to gain one’s attention.

With the 8th annual AfroPunk Fest now wrapped and in the books, we take a look at the 15 Wildest Looks From Brooklyn’s AfroPunk Fest that would even make Solange a bit envious.

Photo: AfroPunk

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  • Mrs. 2423

    I guess we know WHY Solange wasn’t at the VMAs

  • Mrs. 2423

    And or the record, AFRO Punks are way wierder than white punks

    • Dominique Cox-Harris

      That’s mean

      • Guest were your comments on Kanye West’s 45 min interview. But you dont hear me tho 🙂
        Have a nice day

      • Dominique Cox-Harris

        What did I say mean????? I said I was no longer a fan. And I’m sure he ain’t loosing sleep or it

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        Also my that’s mean Comment, I made on hip hop wire, it was my reply to black punks are Weirder then white punks Comment, that was made. Can’t remember if it was you. But I don’t see the Comments anymore…. I’m not sure what happen, but your that’s different statement, I have no beef with.

  • Dominique Cox-Harris

    My kinda Crowd … I would love to go

  • Blackbeautybrains

    These pics are blah compared to who actually showed up and out there, check out simplycyndotcom for some real afro punk pics.