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Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Demands $1.3M In Advance Child Support


Allen Iverson may want to reconsider his reported intention to officially retire from pro basketball. A.I.’s ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson, is asking a judge that the NBA great fork over almost $1.3 million in child support (the next 13 year’s worth)—not now but right now.  TMZ reports:

TMZ broke the story … after the couple’s nasty divorce Iverson was ordered to pay $8000/month in child support for their 5 kids. Problem is, Tawanna has gone to court on numerous occasions because A.I. won’t pay. It came to a head in July when a judge threatened Iverson with jail, unless he forked over $40,000 in back support — which he did. But Tawanna says she doesn’t want to keep running into the same problem. On August 1st she filed docs asking a judge to make A.I. cover ALL the support through October 2026 (when their youngest turns 18). After the math, it comes to $1,272,000 … which Tawanna wants put in a trust for the children.

There are two adults participating in this Maury worthy struggle, though. This is where we must point that this is the same Tawanna Iverson that accused A.I. of kidnapping his children because she didn’t want to drive to a hotel and pick them. A judge agreed that Iverson did not kidnap his kids. So there’s that.

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  • gmoney

    if you think that that full 1.3mil is going to be put in a trust fund then I have a bridge in Africa I want to sell you. It does have a beautiful view…

  • Zach

    Your plan to sleep with some guy and take his money has failed. Looks like it’s time to get a job

  • CorXy StXwart

    No judge will grant this. This is just an angry woman who is thinking with enraged emotions instead of calm logic. You cant get child support ahead of time because theres no guarantee his finances will be able to promise that he’ll always make enough money for that to be what it would equal out to in 13years.