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Messy Marv Caught The Fade In Reno, Bloody Pics Posted Online [PHOTOS]


UPDATE (Sept. 9, 2013): Video footage of Marv getting robbed at gunpoint has been uploaded to the Internets. Check it out on the last page. Cold world.

Bay Area rapper Messy Marv was severely beaten over the weekend in Reno, Nev. just as August was coming to a close. After his attackers posted photos of the assault on his social media accounts, Marv tweeted and essentially gave the goons some props.

AllHipHop.com writes that Marv, born Marvin Watson Jr., was in Reno for a show when he caught the fade. According to Marv’s own words, he was jumped by an unspecified number of assailants who bloodied his nose, t-shirt, and had the rapper slumped unconscious on the ground while posting several photos to his Instagram account without his knowledge.

“[A]ye look n-ggas jumpd a n-gga i dun did it b4 its good i aint mad,” tweeted Marv in response. He added, “5 reno n-ggas wit a long ass gun smoke revolver lol im alive and well my n-gga. [T]he flicks and sh-t look good doe thats what it look like when a n-gga get jumped lets get back to this street sh-t doe. all good.”

Marv’s supporters rallied around him and according to his Twitter account, the show is still going on.

Check out the photo of Messy Marv, as well items the culprits allegedly stole (including a pair of Air Force 1s) on the next pages. A warning: the image is violent.

Photo: Instagram

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  • Reason

    Old news. Not surprised tho. He’s stiffed several people that I know

  • Diversify Your Imagination

    There’s something deeeeply prophetic about a name. You either become it, or you’ll grow into it… Don’t believe me?? Ask C-Murda!!
    Godspeed with the recovery, bruh.

    • Jayde da Blade

      hence ” YOUR NAME IS YOUR NATURE” like the old folks say..

  • Nonya Bizness

    At least he didn’t lie and say it didn’t happen,like No Chainz did. Messy raps about hidin in bushes and jumpin on bishes. Get that happened to him now lol.


    It’s a shame he can’t stay out of trouble because he is so talented, his voice is unparalleled, but his lyrical content is trash now. He needs rehab.

  • Sharia

    You must be very broke to steal used shoes…

  • buck

    man cowards jump thats all i have to say cats not men today.

  • buck

    and whats funny is the same cats with the guns will go to jail and let one whiteco run their lives cowards thats all

  • kingjappyjoe

    They some fuckboys for this, but in the video you see alot of dead give aways such as a reflection in the mirror and the club wristbands so hopefully they catch these dumb fucks…