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The 12 Most Slanderous Lamar Odom Is A Crackhead Like Tyrone Biggums Memes


What do you get when you cross Lamar Odom, the possibility that he is a crackhead and an Internet armed with photo manipulating software? Boatloads of slander.

By now you have heard of the former NBA Sixth Man of the Year’s alleged cocaine problem. Khloe Kardashian kicked him out the crib and the Queens native refused to go to rehab is where things have stalled out. Most recently, a New York City dealer claimed he sold Odom $16K in coke back in February.

The delay in any sort of resolution has resulted in folks noting that Odom could pass for a really tall Dave Chapelle. Add to the mix the comedian’s infamous Tyrone Biggums character, and you should already know what happened.

Also, Scarface and Pookie also made it into the mix.

Check out the 12 most slanderous, and hilarious, Lamar Odom is a crackhead, that looks like Tyrone Biggums, photos in the gallery. Time to get right, Lamar.

Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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    white supremacists are behind all of them

  • YouKnowWho

    I’m halfway through and haven’t even smirked once. Lame.

  • Just Real

    This is hilarious. Who still smokes crack?! That’s so 80’s.