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The 15 Greatest Fades Caught By Rappers


Don’t let the limelight, million dollar video budgets, gooned out entourages and alleged street credibility fool you—anyone can get got. Conversations with good intentions can quickly go sour, especially if you’re a rapper.

You can bump into someone who you were talking slick about and have some explaining to do. Then there is the good old sucker punch. In a genre of music where gangster posturing runs so rampant, it is always big news when a rapper gets the beats, and we are not talking instrumentals.

Recently, Messy Marv got jumped by some unnamed individuals in Reno, Nevada. The Bay area rapper was left bloody and his assailants posted the pictures on Instagram. With a laundry list of MCs who have taken a similar L, we present to you the greatest fades caught by rappers.

Photo: YouTube

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  • Dori D

    Wait why did he punch him

    • mary782

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    • Infamous21

      I know this is old but the guy punched lil b because he was an up and coming rapper and he wanted lil b to call soulja boy to get him a record deal. Lil b refused and the guy punched him