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Racist “Ghetto Tracker” App Guides The Wealthy In Avoiding The Poor [PHOTOS]


Are you well off and have trouble avoiding those unsavory ghetto areas that threaten your privileged livelihood? Traveling to a new city and don’t want to worry about finding yourself in the wrong place and the wrong time in the hood? Well look no further than the Ghetto Tracker, an app that lets users rate the safety of neighborhoods not based on factual data like frequency of crimes committed but rather on user personal opinion, speculation and flat out racist stereotypes.

Originally launched earlier this week, the “Ghetto Tracker” website featured an image of an all white family of four smiling on the landing page while the premise of the app was simplified: We use a rating system that allows locals and people familiar with area rate which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe.”

Obvious racial shade aside, Ghetto Tracker’s service doesn’t even seem to work correctly. In a test run done by The Week, Manhattan’s very trendy and pricy Greenwich Village was touted as ghetto. Additionally Brooklyn’s very affluent Park Slope area was also deemed as unsafe.

As news spread about Ghetto Tracker’s launch,  it faced criticism so fatal that it has since shut down and relaunched as “Good Part of Town.” Before the official renaming came re-branding efforts that tried to make the travel tool more multicultural friendly including stock photos of a Black family on the landing page. But the company’s official Facebook page told a different story in terms of their racial sincerity with a steady stream of posts and likes frowning upon disenfranchised African-Americans.

While the CEO of the Ghetto Tracker / Good Part of Town has yet to identify him or herself, they have since written a lengthy letter explaining their position to Gawker, which partly reads:

“Hi Nitasha,

As you may have noticed, we’ve changed the name of the website because it was detracting from the serious purpose the site was meant to serve, which is to help people who are unfamiliar with a particular area to stay safe. 

I am the creator of the site and I haven’t worked on anything like this in the past. I’d rather not have my name published since some people have given borderline threatening responses to the site. I am 30 something and based in Tallahassee, Florida.

This was originally seriously developed as a travel tool and the name “Ghetto Tracker” was meant to be something that people would remember. Well, it worked, but unfortunately, it appears to have brought a lot of negative baggage along with it…

Ya think? You can see proof of their idiocy on the following pages.

Photo:, The Week, FaceBook

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