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The 15 Most Hilarious Jay Z Pool Diving Struggle Memes


We know he’s human just like all of us but Jay Z has always aimed to keep his private business private. But when paparazzi snapped a pic of Hova and Bey by the pool, the wheels were put in motion for Internet jokes and slander. Once again thanks to Photoshop and a lack of chill, social media is going ham with memes clowning Hova’s awkward looking cannonball dive into the pool ala Ron Burgundy in Anchorman

Remember all the creative slander Miguel’s leg drop and Drake’s throwback fashion inspired? When all is said and done, Jay Z’s may trump them all.

Yesterday was Beyonce’s birthday so the Carter family was out enjoying life to the fullest to celebrate. But on this day what has ensued is some of the finest meme work of the year. Check out the top 15, and counting, most hilarious Jay Z pool diving memes in the following pages.


Photos: Twitter/Instagram

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  • Gotcha

    Gotta love this guy – he only did it because Beyonce egged him on . Look at the original pics LOL.

  • Gotcha

    Thanks Hip Hop, you provided our Sat nite of entertainment! Love Jay Z LOL Still laughing

  • LOL!

    His body is horrible.

  • Michael

    Page 19 had me CRYING with laughter…..

  • LovAsia

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH and Jay Z so popped