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Drag Queen Exposes DJ Mister Cee? [VIDEO]


Hot 97’s DJ Mister Cee‘s name is in the news for all the wrong reasons, again. A cross dressing drag queen named Bimbo Winehouse claims to have a voicemail recording of Mister Cee soliciting him/her for sexual services. 

In the video, Winehouse starts off singing and rambling about some other ish, so you’ll want to hop to about the 05:30 minute mark to start listening to what is allegedly Mister Cee and Bimbo driving around and negotiating prices for well, you know, before The Finisher kicked him out the car.

Everything in this tape is completely hearsay since all we hear is a voice–that damn sure sounds likes Mister Cee–that you can bet the DJ will deny is really him.

However, considering that Mister Cee has been arrested on at least two occasions for soliciting transgender prostitutes, Hip-Hop fans are well past giving the benefit of a doubt to Big Daddy Kane’s old DJ and the man partly responsible for bringing the Notorious B.I.G. to the masses.

Watch the video below and let us know if you think that’s really Mister Cee on the audio in the comments.


Photo: YouTube

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  • Black

    Why would he do that? Ruin that man’s career. These gay men are more RUTHLESS then women. They think it’s funny and it’s not. Oh well, they were due to burn in hell anyway!

    • Rice_n_phoenix

      Lol yes, it’s all his fault, because Mr.Cee isn’t willingly cheating on his wife with other men, perpetuating stereotypes and unhealthy activities, yup you see those small circles on his head from where someone held a gun….. GTFOHWTBS

      • Guest
    • The Real Will Cannon

      This was his 4th time being caught…I’m just saying…

  • hardtimz

    Does anybody love the name Bimo Winehouse. Ce’s knew that this stuff about him was out there, so why even put yourself in the company of this crowd. I’m sorry that he’s had to resign but he got to know better….PERIOD!

  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    Oh wow.

  • Tellyawut

    Dang, Cee, you got played. Not condoning your “activities”, but if people keep saying the same rumors about you, then it must be true. You stopped after the first rumor. If you can’t help yourself, then just come out and face the music. Quitting the show only proves your guilt. If you we’re secretly fired, those that really know you, know for a fact that was your voice recorded. SMH.

    • Patrick Clarke

      He hasn’t denied it.

  • 2hot2handle

    This is another wake up call for men who choose to lead multiple lives and hurt others in the process. You get what you put out there. I am not blaming the dq becuz he is not hiding; nor mr cee for his inability to control himself… it is obvious that he has an addiction w/in that lifestyle. This DL thing has ran its course, fellows let it go. You are not DL when you overtly scout other men, post pics on hookup sites or even indulge hookup sites. I challenge anyone to face their demons and take ownership of your actions, both men and women. No one considers themselves anything until they are caught in the act; unless they live out loud.

  • komo

    Disgusting. ..but you are a funny fag with a future in comedy if u wish.