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DJ Mister Cee Admits Getting Fellatio From Trans Men, Doesn’t Consider Himself Gay [LISTEN]

DJ Mister Cee resigned from Hot 97 yesterday, after a video accusing him of soliciting a drag queen/prostitute hit the Internets yesterday. Today (Sept. 12), Mister Cee was interviewed on Hot 97’s morning show and he admitted to receiving fellatio from trans men, but he does not consider himself gay. 

Ebro Darden interviewed Cee and the convo was very candid, emotional and real, with Cee at one point breaking down in tears. “I’m tired. Have I lied about getting sexual felattio in a car with a transsexual? Yes,” admitted Cee. “I have lied about that. I feel bad for the listeners that it did take a video for me to say this. I have been in denial with this for a very, very long time. A very long time…”

Cee then added, “Do I consider myself gay? No, I don’t consider myself gay. I have gotten fellatio from transvestites and that’s as far as it went. I’ve never had actual sexual intercourse with another man and vice versa.”

The legendary Hip-Hop DJ went on to admit that it was him in the car with Bimbo Winehouse, and that the now infamous video was from last year. In the half hour convo Cee sheds tears multiple times and even gets offered his job back.

Mister Cee will be returning to Hot 97 at noon today. Let us know your take on this situation in the comments.

Peep the full interview below.


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  • Ben Ricks

    He should have did that a longtime ago. If you like men like men and that is just what it is. And stop with all this transgender BS , to try and make it sound better than what t it is. Mr. C just be who u are and stop fronting.


    Mr Cee came clean because he was BUSTED and whether he wants to own it or not YES U ARE GAY period. I feel for his family espcially his wife and kids yes this is a married man wow and for as what the streets going to say? The streets been saying you are GAY and was a Tranny chaser this is basically old news for as the street is concern. His apology should really be to his family and wife who he has been lying to and deceiving not to mention putting her health @ risk. And I DON’T believe he has never had s3x with the trannies. He finally came out of the 20 yr old closet now he can move on with his life and stop living a lie and misleading his wife and kids thats who he owes the most respect to.

  • S Jo

    If he was a single man, then him coming clean about his sexual deviancy would be ok, but this guy is married & putting his health & his wife’s health in danger wverytime he has random sexual experiences with transvestites & or others. It’s great that he told the truth but he is married & needs to stop that extra stuff! He needs to have one life or the other.

  • Taunya73

    He might as well accept the fact that he is gay. I don’t know what straight woman, in her right mind, that is going to be with him after this.