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Nas’ Baby Mama Carmen Bryan Tweets About Jay-Z Affair & Hating Kelis


It seems the “Smarten Up Nas” slander will soon see another resurgence in 2014. Carmen Bryan, the mother of Nas’ daughter Destiny Jones, took to the Internet earlier this week to field questions about her past and current dealings with God’s Son, her infamous tryst with his former rival Jay Z, her feelings about Kelis and more.

To no one’s surprise, her responses lead to more questions than answers; all of which point towards her new book slated for an early 2014 release. In her interactions are dry accusations of Nas possibly being bipolar, sleeping with Jay Z while he was dating actress Rosario Dawson [Editor’s Note: Hova dated Rosario b?!] and expressing how very little she cares for the Kelis (“[She] could be on fire and I wouldn’t spit on that b-tch”).

In 2006 Carmen released her autobiography It’s No Secret in which spilled the details about her relationship with Nas and the part she played in one of Rap’s most high profile beefs. Last year, Bryan drew eye rolls when she inexplicably said she was not a fan of Nas’ “Daughters” single.

Peep her slander in the following pages and let us know if you think her new book will be worth the read.

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  • Dubsco

    lame chick, Nas sure knows how to pick’em…


      He surely does love them bitter.


    She sounds so bitter.Somebody should have told her that she wouldn’t get far f**king a rap star.She still loves him though(sad part)

    • Bomani G

      Peace ahki he always had a thing for no good women and the ideal that he could change their behavior overtime. Very ill results thougb smh Peace ahki..

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins


  • WhoCaresWhatUThink!

    Thot sthu! You are lame and thirsty as they come. You have no other talent other than bashing nas & kelis just to try to come up off them!? You have a daughter and that’s what you wanna teach her!? Trifling thirsty uneducated hatin harlot! Get a life hoe!

  • Blank Her Right in the Blanky

    Only thing I’d care to hear come out of her mouth is the pop of a longjohnson. She should keep her seamen holster shut otherwise, she’s no one on her own, a nobody. And she let Jay-Z put used rubbers in her child’s car seat

  • Doll Phace

    Sounds like a bitter baby momma to me. I won’t be reading it. It could just be lies.

  • Mia C

    I can’t stand the trend of giving THOTs, groupies, side chicks and general skanks book deals. Do you know how many writers, PhD’s, intellectuals, artists, historians and people of accomplishment can’t get a book deal? Major advertising, power agents, and an entire industry are willing to push these THOT’s while real writers get no support. It’s messed up.