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11 Controversies Jay Z Answered, But People Still Can’t Let Go


We guess the slogan Roc La Familia only went so far. During Beanie Sigel’s one of many court troubles, the judge asked Jay Z to vouch for Beans, which may have gotten the Philly rapper an earlier release. Jay was not interested in doing that as explained by former Roc videographer Choke No Joke.

Beans is currently in the bing, so that’s that.

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  • jacob

    He look like a pit bull. . Man he ugly. Isn’t Jay-Z gay?

    • Akeeya Allen


  • D4ovey

    Message to myself: I gotta stop falling for these stories for clicks. That was 11 pages of nothing

    • mark barron

      lol word….all of these could have been summed up on 1 page

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