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Lord Jamar Calls White Rappers “Guests,” Slanders Hopsin On Twitter [PHOTOS]


Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian fame has never been one to hold his opinion close, especially after recently checking Kanye West on his fashion choices. Now, the veteran rapper has unleashed slander on Macklemore, and another rapper, Hospin – adding that the “Same Love” rapper is pushing a gay agenda through Hip-Hop.

In a recent sit down with Vlad TV, Lord Jamar was asked about the rise of Macklemore, and referred to white rappers as outsiders to what he feels is an inherently black culture.

“Okay, white rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” Lord Jamar said. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion.”

He continued with, “Yeah, I say rap is gay friendly. Making a song like that [“Same Love”] is like feeling that you have the same footing as any other Hip Hop artist and to me you don’t. You don’t. Like I can’t go to somebody else’s house and even though they let me wear their clothes and eat their food, that’s not my house. That’s their house.”

The interview was retweeted by Hopsin, who had some choice words for the “Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down” rapper. “[F]-ck this b-tch ass fool and his definition of hip-hop. macklemore represents something bigger,” tweeted Hopsin early Monday (Sept. 23) evening. Lord Jamar responded in kind as he’s known to do.

“So some THAT’S SO RAVEN ass N-GGA named @hopsin is talking sh-t…F-CK him & his followers,” tweeted Lord Jamar. “No seriously he used to be on THAT’S SO RAVEN. LMAO,” he said in a following tweet.

A look at Lord Jamar’s time line showcase the former Oz actor railing on Hopsin a bit more and digging into his “white rappers are guests” theory with a little more edge as the evening wore on.

Check out the tweets on the following pages. The Vlad TV interview appears in the clip below.

[Props to HipHopDX]

Photos: Twitter, Vlad TV

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  • I can’t believe Hopsin said that about Lord Jamar.No respects for hip hop

    • D. Rose in the paint

      its not that he dont respect hip-hop….HE DONT KNOW HIP-HOP!!! Most of these new kids dont know hip-hop, they know RAP!!! chew on that for the day!

      • Hopsin makes kind of back packy hip hop where I would think he would know about brand Nubian

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Although he is extremely lyrical Hopsin doesnt make boom bap/backpack/true hip-hop rap…..his music is a little more mainstream….although very lyrical. i doubt that he is truly aware of Brand Nubians and their legacy simply by his disrespect towards Lord Jamar…no TRUE hip-hop fan would dare disrespect Jamar….based off of their legacy. its like a rock group lashing out at a member of pink floyd or AC/DC on Twitter….you just dont do it! But only a TRUE TRUE hip-hop head would know this….Hopsin isnt a hip-hop head…Joey Bada$$ is

      • I don’t think Hopsin is mainstream at all.he appeals to the same crowd that would listen to Joey badass

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Hopsin isnt mainstream per se….because he doesnt have a mainstream audience but his sound is rooted in more mainstream hip-hop….he reminds me of an Aftermath era Eminem…I wouldnt categorize Hopsin with a backpack rap crowd. He has similarities but he isnt a backpack
        rapper…..he isnt true blue hip-hop in my own opinion..Joey is. They just arent the same.

      • To me Eminem wasn’t mainstream at all at 1st.he was a back packer freestyle MC

      • To me be extremely lyrical and being hip hop go hand in hand

  • Tru West Dweller

    I feel Lord J-A-M-A-R on this 1! BRAND NUBIAN ROCK THE SET!!!!

  • Melody Carroll

    lord jamar is right once again macklemore who is that anyways

  • R

    Lord Jamar is right about that Gay agenda part don’t believe me ask Diddy. Hopskin needs to sit down with his Eminem cloning Aszz!

  • dudeassist

    Lord Jamar is one of the worst rappers ever to be semi-popular more than 20 years ago.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Stop it….were you on the scene 20 years ago…if not shut your blood clot mouth

      • Guest

        You can’t be serious? This bamma had one verse on Slow Down and has been
        garbage ever since. Bought his first tape after BN, listened to it one
        time then it collected dust for 10 years until I threw all my tapes AWAY
        (except for a very small collection of course). Su(k ya mada!!

  • MacingFacing

    2:45 mark. Love it. Don’t care who or what is going to get you in trouble. Speak your mind. This is why we are having the problems we have today. Speak your mind. You have the right. On another note Lord Jamar is looking hellah good. Black don’t crack. Good head on his shoulders. Nice skin and lips. Yes…I am a female lol

  • Elian

    You know, i got love for Brand Nubian. But what is this man talkin about? White people GUESTS on this earth? This man is trying to sow discord among humanity. My mum is white, my dad is black and they both are equal inhabitants of this earth. I mean seriously how can you support this?
    And then he says that guest isnt negative. But guest implies that (in this case) earth is not your home, but that its the home just of black people.
    Macklemore has got the same rights as everyone to voice his opinion, instead of going after the bullsh*t mainstream rappers and saying that THEY are guests, he goes after someone who is all about positivity (whether you agree with him or not, i personally do not with some of his opinions).
    Im sorry, you may be a legend within hiphop, but i cant respect that.

  • jay

    hate mackelmore and i have no idea who jamar is but hopsin is boss.

  • jay

    but i cant beleive hopsin likes mackelmore, mackelmore sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!