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Meet Sweet Pea, The Stripper That Allegedly Hit Jacoby Jones With A Bottle [PHOTOS]


Professional athletes, alcohol, and strippers can either turn into an evening of good times or struggle. The Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones may know a bit about the latter, this after he was allegedly cracked in the head by a stripper named Sweet Pea over the weekend – and thanks to the Internets, photos of the supposedly retired adult dancer have surfaced.

Apparently, Sweet Pea has been a fixture in the Baltimore Ravens social circle for a while, and has also been spotted with players from other NFL teams, such as retired defensive player Jason Taylor, his brother-in-law and former Miami Dolphins teammate, Zach Thomas, and Jones current teammate, Bryant McKinnie.

Several sites have compiled photos of a woman who is said to be Sweet Pea, and we located a Twitter account with photos along with a Twitpic account of her adventures over the years. According to the bio, she’s a VIP hostess at the infamous King Of Diamonds strip club in Miami. We would have raided her Instagram but she has since deleted her page. Too bad the Internet is forever, though.

She must be a really nice person to hang around, because, well…oh, never mind.

Hip-HopWired has put together a collection of photos of Sweet Pea. Check them out on the following pages.

[Props to Busted Coverage]

Photos: Twitter, Instagram, Twitpic

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  • Guest

    WTF is it? I’m still confused, the hair, makeup, the eyebrows, it’s all too much! She looks like a man pretending to be a woman! Is this what men like?

    • Team nymphis

      I’m assuming the strip club is in the projects

    • D4ovey

      Isn’t it crazy? Then they are the first to yell out “aint no real women out here!” Her look is overkill, but it attracts attention.

  • Lola

    of course you bxtches made the first two pix group pictures so we have to keep flipping to see which one is the stripper

  • Mrs brooks

    Lol the comments killing me.

  • hello hello

    All that money and you cant find a good looking woman to party with. All these chicks are busted.

    • PeoplePlease7

      Seriously, does your mother look any better, even in her prime…?

  • Billy Official

    Sweat Pea looks fine. Dont bash her for being an individual. Besides she lives in Miami, a lot of the woman have an eclectric type of looks there.

  • 1st Amendment User


  • Poochie

    Ratchet, fat, tranny

  • David Ventola

    ahhh not sure what to make of her. One thing she is not good looking at all. what’s is up with the hair she about 30 lbs over weight and she looks like a pug