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Action Bronson Puts Unruly Fan In Time Out [VIDEO]


Action Bronson has zero tolerance for unreasonable tomfoolery from fans while he performs. During a recent show at the Bluebird Cafe in Bloomington, Ind., the Queens native checked a fellow who thought it was appropriate to toss a cigarette on stage.

After the crowd dimed him out, Bronsolino ordered the perpetrator to sit alongside him during his performance. But when the gentleman tried to nod his head and dance to the music, the usually jovial MC cut the sound to give him a stern message.

“Don’t move, you understand me? You’re not allowed to move. You shouldn’t have thrown a cigarette. You understand that. You’ve been a bad boy,” Bronson said. And just like that, a grown man was put in time out by another, um, grown man. Win, lose, or draw, that’s a fade around these parts.

You’d think less people would be willing to test the massive MC after he body slammed that last person who stepped out of line, but you know, some folks are just ballsy.

See the footage below.

[via HNHH]


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