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The Jig Is Up: Trinidad Jame$ Freestyles On Westwood Crib Sessions [VIDEO]


Last summer, Trinidad Jame$ had a certified smash with “All Gold Everything.” But, as many called even back then, the jig is up. Let this Westwood Crib Sessions freestyle by the Atlanta rapper stand as undeniable evidence of his knack for serving up struggle raps. 

We’ll give Jame$ credit for actually kicking rhymes off the top of his head, but that’s where we have to stop. At one point in this nearly 4-minute long session James decides to read the vinyl records that surround him for inspiration. What we get treated to amounts to freestyled ad libs.

Tim Westwood, you’re foul for setting this man up like this. Just saying.

Jame$ signed what was reportedly a $2 million dollar deal with Def Jam in December 2012. What’s a record label employee to think when he or she is thumbing through his marketing plan and listens to/watches this freestyle?

Another detail worth noting, the comments on the YouTube video have been disabled. Check Trinidad Jame$’s freestyle below.

Are we wrong? Feel free to point out Jame$’s talents in the comments section.

Photo: YouTube

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    • MIAMI

      flared nostrils and all

  • `$$$XO YourHighness,

    I’m confused. I’m lost. I’m scared.

  • ………….

    Perfect example of “everybody tries to rap but not everybody can”…po thang…this is sad

  • disqus_H6sOspqnJP

    YOu know i’m actually a Trini fan but this was hard to watch. Not surprising, just hard to watch. I mean his writtens barely get him by, why Freestyle off the top of the dome if ya can’t?

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    i hope he still got alot of that 2 milli saved cuz this ninja wont be around much longer



  • solo from toronto

    Straight trash!

  • mike h

    finally exposed.

  • big_mars75

    He’s at 14:27 of his 15:00 of fame…hope homeboy saved his money!

  • Terrell

    Wow he is garbage rofl wtf

  • Sean Mckoy

    ???? who else is on the wall??? is this this a joke?


    my 9 yr old just spit a 16 or 17..maybe 19 bar better then head did!!! o.k. she just told me it was 10 bars

  • Nikki Minor

    What else is on the wall. SMH

  • ajustinmoore

    He looks like he smells of decay and cheap hair grease.

  • Lolrax

    I like Trinidad James