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Woman Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Ramming White House Gates [PHOTOS]


Earlier this afternoon (Oct. 3), an incident in Washington sparked by a bold White House break-in attempt has led to the death of the suspect in front of the U.S. Capitol. A Connecticut woman, who had a child in the vehicle during the ramming of security barriers, was shot dead by police on the scene after a wild chase.

Reuters, the New York Daily News and several other outlets have been covering the story of the unidentified woman from the city of Stamford; ABC News has discovered she was a 34-year-old dental hygienist. The toddler inside the vehicle, who also remains unidentified, was unhurt say officials.

The harrowing ordeal began around 2:20 p.m. in the Nation’s Capital, all while Congress remains in a gridlock over  government shutdown and the rolling out of Obamacare.

From Reuters:

The identity and condition of the driver – a woman – was not released. One U.S. official said she had been killed, but later a police official said he did not know her condition.

Driving a black sedan, the suspect rammed security barricades near the White House. Then the car, apparently carrying a child, raced up Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol where Congress was in session.

Police gave chase and fired at the car. It finally came to a halt at 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue.

The incident rattled Washington just three weeks after a government contractor opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard, about 1.5 miles from the Capitol, killing 12 people and wounding three others before he was shot to death by police.

It was later confirmed that the suspect was shot dead, although conflicting reports still continue to swirl about. As noted above, the region is still reeling from assault unleashed at the Washington Navy Yard by Aaron Alexis, amid other growing tensions around the state of the nation politically.

One Secret Service agent was injured after the woman rammed him with her car. His condition has not been released but the Daily News reports authorities have confirmed the agent is stable.

This story is developing.

Check the gallery for images of the aftermath from the incident in Washington.

Photos: Reuters

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