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Last night’s episode of MTV’s Catfish was nothing short of comical. One of its featured players, Bow Wow, spoke on what went down, sort of. Spoilers ahead.

A gift of $10,000 had convinced a young woman named Keyonnah that the rapper born Shad Moss was indeed the man behind romantic text and e-mails she had been receiving. However, when all was said and done, a slick talking butch lesbian by the name of Dee Pimpin, who initially claimed to be a rapper, had fooled poor Keyonnah into thinking she was actually dealing withBow Wow.

Of course, Bow the YMCMB rapper took advantage of the free promotion and dropped a video commenting on the situation shortly after the episode concluded. However, it contained plenty of struggle of its own.

“The new thing is this “Catfish” situation. Let’s talk about how somebody is actually impersonating me,” said Bow Wow. “Now, first of all that’s a hard thing to do. Hard thing to do. Just look at me, you can’t impersonate this. These eyes, these ain’t contacts. You can’t buy these and put these in your eyes to think that you Bow Wow. These tattoos on my body, this is permanent. You can’t draw these on. It’s only one. It can only be one, not two but one. And that’s me.”

Alrighty then. Bow Wow goes on to invite all involved to 106 & Park. This is where we point out that BET and MTV are both owned by Viacom, so making that happen isn’t exactly a chore.

Watch Bow Wow’s commentary below. Shout out to Dee Pimpin.

Photo: BET

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