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Who Is Helen Lasichanh? What You Need To Know About Pharrell Williams’ New Wife


Plenty of women, and dudes that go that way, feel a ways that Pharrell Williams married his longtime girlfriend, Helen Lasichanh, this past weekend. However, not much is really known about her–in Hip-Hop circles or anywhere else.

While Hip-Hop Wired will take the high road and salute Williams for his power/love move, we also feel it’s necessary to help familiarize you with the woman that locked the Neptunes producer down.

Where did she come from? Who has she modeled for? We tried to find all that information. Admittedly, we didn’t find much, yet, but here is what you need to know about the lovely Helen Lasichanh in the following pages.

Pharrell Williams won.

Photo:  WENN.con

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  • Moya Oneilla Rose-Miller

    this was a pointless article…

  • Likklebit

    Still haven’t learnt anything about her from this article. What’s her background etc.

    • Ethiopian gyal

      She’s Ethiopian! but she must be mixed with something else because she doesn’t look fully black to me.

      • L Destined Cox

        That’s because most Ethiopians aren’t just black..most are mixed with Arab.

  • Leah

    Is Lasichanh a Thai last name? Maybe she’s part Thai.

  • jess r

    Rocket man is not by stevie wonder…

  • kkct78

    What I Need to Know? I don’t need to know ANYTHING about this person.

  • Pui

    She is part Laotian, but yes the article did nothing to help know anything about her

  • helen

    whats the big secret, he doesn’t want anyone to know hes Filipino and black, she doesn’t tell her nationality, thai so big fing deal ASHAMED OR WHAT

  • evil nick

    Thai girls are just gorgeous (mostly)