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Accidental Racist?: Rappers Who Have Used The Confederate Flag


Kanye West never ceases to surprise us. In what seems to be either a stunt to draw publicity or just downright ignorance, his Yeezus tour merchandise features images of the Confederate flag. While this may be a tie in to his “New Slaves” theme, he is not the first rapper to incorporate this banner that is largely associated with pro segregation and the Ku Klux Klan.

For some time the Confederate flag has been positioned as a symbol of southern pride and a nod to the southern states resisting the end of slavery before the Civil War. To this day the flag flies at the top of the state house of the South Carolina capital. Its’ influence is still found in the individual state flags of Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. Additionally rock bands including Lynyrd Skynyrd continue to hoist it at their shows.

Considering this emblem stood for the conservation of slavery in the south, it is disappointing to see any person of color show any love towards it. But sadly a couple of your favorite rappers have been tricked by the light.

In the following pages are six rappers who have been caught wearing and or using the confederate flag in the past. Let us know how you feel about the issue in the comments section below.

Photos: Wikipedia, YouTube, ColorlinesVibe

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  • Socrates

    Definitely not defending this mess…but the Confederate Flag is Georgia’s State Flag…smh.

  • tracy


  • douglass davis

    the confederate flag is actually our flag 13 constellation and four pyramids and corners of the world

  • truevoice4real

    Only stupid rappers would honor the confederate flag….

  • Czek

    MJG’s from Tennessee, the rebel flag was Tennessee’s army flag during the war. Southerners are proud to be from the South, no matter our “race”.

  • If I was an African American living in Georgia, I’d burn a confederate flag every Sunday.

    • DelPasso

      lmao. You’d have to get that flag from somewhere, which means you’d be giving some white redneck, who’s probably proud of the flag, your money to basically do nothing. Go for it.

      • I’m not African American, I was making a point, not being literal. My point is what’s the BIG DEAL?? The Rebel flag is a POS disgrace and it should be obliterated from the modern U.S..

      • DelPasso

        I didn’t say you were black or being literal. I was saying that people who think like you are funny and don’t realize you would be helping the people you hate. If you want to give rednecks your hard earned money to burn a flag, go for it. They’ll probably sell you the kerosene and matches too.

      • No, you’re just trolling and you’re not very good at it.

      • DelPasso

        Whatever helps you sleep at night, m8.

      • Mac Daddy

        Times have changed in the south, but not because the confederate flag is not flying over the capital. It came from people of all colors including us rednecks working together trying to make things better for all. This flag was a battle flag, it was not the confederate flag. Do a little reading on the civil war and come to your on conclusion, not what they want you to think and see on television

  • Joey

    I commend these artist for wearing a symbol that is associated with racism, slavery and hate. By doing so, they are taking away an iconic symbol from ignorant people who use this flag as a symbol of hate. These artist are using the Confederate battle flag as a sign of Southern heritage. Make it your own and give it a new meaning! This flag has never hurt anyone; Only stupid people who practice outdated beliefs.