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9 Gay Actors Of Color Who May Surprise You


Even with Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson all winning Academy Awards within the last fifteen years; the amount of roles available in Hollywood for actors of color continues to stay limited. Being openly gay might make it even more difficult, but there are some actors who continue to thrive.

Not all gay talent have been allowed the opportunity to wave the LGBT flag on a national platform and some rather keep their private lives as private as possible. Nevertheless some of your favorite stars of the big screen are openly gay and you ain’t even know it.

So in the following pages we present 9 gay actors of color that you might be surprised are gay and proud.

Let us know who’s your favorite in the comments section. This doesn’t affect what you think of their actual acting, right?

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  • AndyTrue

    Why do we care??? Blk guys trying to act like white people.FREAK thiose homosexual fools!!!!

    • michael35

      You are ignorant as it gets no surprise with sites like this one.

    • Nayjah

      You care Andy false, you read it.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    We all know the writers for this publication group need to look up the definition of “surprise”. But it seems they need to add “actor” to that list.

  • I don’t know none of these niccas

    • Nayjah

      You do know who they are.

  • Yes


  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Darryl Stevens and Wilson Cruz are the most obvious… Well maybe for me with Darryl cause i watched the show but who didnt know about Wilson Cruz?

  • Katetacular

    “preference”???? NOT a preference, thank you very much. Its an orientation. Do you have a straight “preference” or are you just straight?? Get it together.

  • Ban Cheaters

    The “Surprise” part must be that I know maybe 2 of these people and 0 of them I care about. This may as well be Gay People that shop at Shoprite supermarkets. Why would you care?

  • Norm39

    Holy Cow. I am surprised at the homos on the list. I am more surprised that I haven’t the slightest idea who any of them are. WOW

  • Anthony Millsaps

    My favorite actors of the group in this order are Guillermo Diaz and Jasika Nicole Pruitt. I LOVED Guillermo Diaz in Weeds. He was absolutely hilarious. Hey Blanca! and his role as Huck, the computer genius former B613 assassin

  • GayDar

    We knew that Wong guy was gay way back when he was on HBO series Oz. No surprise here.

  • NA NA

    something tells me the Jamie Foxx should be on this list (or future list)!

    • Nayjah

      Wrong sha na na, you are on the list.

  • theRadioMetrixNews

    You blacks need to wake yup! Can’t you see like that now even gays have passed you on the chain now. The white media an even you president now puts the gays above blacks. Your president has done more for the gays then all presidents combined.
    Now corporate America and TV has embraced the gays over black America! To many blacks have been fooled by that gays. White Corporate America can see blackness!
    You can hide your gayness a interview! You can’t hide your blackness! Discrimination might be less but it id not go away!

  • delores_in_wa_state

    They don’t even know about Wanda Sykes? Ummmm, she IS an actress as well as a comedian. I usually come to these idiot sites just to see who the advertisers are so I know who NOT to buy from. More of the crap here is just to stir up problems – which will not work for me. But pity the fools who actually go away ranting about what so and so is, or is doing. Ho Hum .

  • NotTelling My Realname

    you can add about 40% of the black male community to this list.

  • Terry DeCarlo

    Is a part in a TV commercial a “role?” Because you don’t mean to tell me bla African Americans are only 13.1% (or less) of those you see in TV commercials (or movies etc) that’s insane. Show some stats next time silly boy.

    Top Total Gross by Actor (grosses in millions):

    1 Tom Hanks $4,256.9

    2 Harrison Ford $3,848.7

    3 Eddie Murphy $3,810.4

    4 Morgan Freeman $3,773.5 51

    5 Samuel L. Jackson $3,684.3

    Complain, complain, complain. Good grief.

  • lami

    What about Raven Symone?

    • Nayjah

      They forgot to list Sala.

  • Frankie Flowers

    RE: 9 Gay Actors Of Color Who May Surprise You; No! none of them surprise me

  • Frankie Flowers

    OK Guillermo Díaz. I didn’t know; but now admire him more for his acting skills. I’ve been a fan for years. Never thought about it.
    awesome. great talent.

  • Robert Dean

    On the contrary, no big surprises here – unless it’s the fact that, yet again, Tyler Perry isn’t listed.


    So as it seems being gay is the latest trend! So sick of hearing who is and who might be I do not care! I look at it like this as long as no one is trying to push their views on to me or mine, I could not care any more about someone else’s lifestyle or sexual preferences.


      me too. thank you!!!