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Quincy Jones Sues Michael Jackson Productions For Unpaid Royalties


Quincy Jones wants his dough. The legendary musician claims that Michael Jackson’s estate and the late singer’s record label has jerked him out of royalties and he is seeking $10 million, at least.

Reports TMZ:

Quincy Jones says he’s been double-crossed by Sony and Michael Jackson Productions (aka MJJ) … claiming the 2 companies intentionally aced him out of his cut of Michael’s music.

Jones has sued MJJ Productions and Sony … claiming he owns a big chunk of “Off the Wall,” “Thriller” and “Bad” because he produced all of them.  Jones claims Sony and MJJ concocted a scheme to edit and remix the original songs and put them into new ventures such as the “This Is It” movie, the Cirque du Soleil stage show and the 25th Anniversary of the “Bad” album and then deny him royalties.

The allegations are even worse.  Jones says MJJ and Sony created a shell game and diverted millions of bucks away from what is rightfully his.

Howard Weitzman, lawyer for the Michael Jackson Estate, tells TMZ, “The Estate of Michael Jackson was saddened to learn that Quincy Jones has filed a lawsuit seeking money from Michael’s Estate.  To the best of our knowledge, Mr. Jones has been appropriately compensated over approximately 35 years for his work with Michael.”

A label not being entirely forthcoming in the money they owe someone? Wouldn’t be the first time.

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  • captured property

    Quincy jones has beef with MJ for being smarter than he is…Quincy should have been man enough to take this up with Michael and Sony when Michael was alive. Now it is only his estate left and his grieving family. Quincy is looking suspect to me…he did not attend Michael’s funeral which was a major dis …Michael and Quincy made a lot of money together. It is sad that he is suing for money when the man is dead…he could have brought this up years ago. Shame on you Q you are a coward of the worst kind.