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4 Oklahoma Inmates Escape Through Shower Trap Door [PHOTOS]


If you just happen to be in the rural Oklahoma area, you may want to be on the lookout for a quadrant of squeaky-clean criminals. Caddo County Detention Center has confirmed that the band of shower buddies include Dylan Ray Three Irons, Prime Tounwin Brown, Anthony Mendonca, and Triston Cheadle.

Reports ABC News:

Caddo County Detention Center had four inmates escape from the detention center through the trap door above the shower and then into the pipe chase and out the pipe chase door!,” police said in a statement.

Police in Lawton, Okla. and Oklahoma Highway Patrol are helping in the hunt.

Irons, Brown and Mendonca were awaiting transportation to the Department of Corrections. Cheadle was sentenced, but was still awaiting jury trial on another charge.

Perhaps the most baffling angle to the story is none of the inmates were looking at any hard time. Three Irons was in for a probation violation while Cheadle was moving controlled substances for distribution purposes. Brown had a second degree burglary charge and Mendoca was carrying a concealed weapon.

None of them were obviously about that life of nickel and dime time. When caught, more than likely they’ll rethink the decision that they made.

At press time, the man are said to be wearing their orange prison-issue jumpsuits, but unlike Julianne Hough they had a logical reason for the wardrobe choice.

Photo: Caddo County Sheriff

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  • k-shay

    His name is Three Irons??? Did I read that correctly?

    • Tbaby

      His last name, still crazy though lol

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