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Imaginary Players: The 20 Greatest Fictional Rap Characters Of All-Time


Halloween is a great time to use your imagination. You can be anything and anyone you want to be, free of judgement, no questions asked.

You could say Hip-Hop is a lot like Halloween. There’s plenty of make-believe floating from out the mouth of MCs these days. But aside from studio gangsters, we’ve been witnessed to plenty of good when left to the devices of an artist mind.

A beloved character comes in all forms, whether it is a voluptuous vixen, a crazed fan or just a simple metaphor.

Never mind the “real.”

This is all about the truest of fake but trust us, it’s an honor to be on this list of The 20 Greatest Fictional Rap Characters Of All-Time.

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  • frankjum12

    I’m lovin this list but where the hell is Mr. Scarface???
    All I have in this world….all I have in this world…

  • SlugTheRuggedHomosapien

    was expecting to see Johnny Ryall or the guy from Run-DMC’s You Be Illin’. Oh Well. Would’ve also been cool to see the internet nerds from Chamillionaire’s Internet Nerds songs.