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Yelawolf Tells Lord Jamar To Suck His “Cracker Balls” [PHOTOS]


Lord Jamar has been very outspoken these days in regard to race and Kanye West’s kilts in Hip-Hop. The Brand Nubian founder recently threatened Yelawolf via Twitter. Yelawolf responding in kind by telling Jamar to suck his cracker balls.

In a recent video interview with Vlad TV, the “Slow Down” rapper had some choice words about White rappers only being guests in the culture of Hip-Hop. “Okay, White rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion.”

Naturally, Shady Records rapper Yelawolf shared his opinion on the matter saying, “I feel like, as a White rapper, the house that I’ve been a guest in hadn’t been no f—ing good time sleepover. I haven’t exactly had the f—ing red carpet laid out for me.”

Jamar took to social media and threatened Yelawolf, tweeting “Mr. @Yelawolf gonna get himself beat the f— up if he not careful.”

Yesterday (November 7), Yelawolf responded on Facebook by formally inviting Jamar to meet him at one of his tour dates to shoot the fade. “All my up coming gigs are on .. Me and my mullet will see you soon I hope,” read part of his message.

While Lord Jamar has to yet confirm if he will be attending a Yelawolf show in the near future, we hope this spat doesn’t turn into violence.

Flip through the following pages to see the exchange in its entirety and drop a comment below letting us know what you make of the beef.

Photos: Interscope, Twitter, Facebook

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  • Denrico

    Brand Nubian was always weak. I’m not a yela fan either but he’s a better rapper than lord jamar.

    And imagine if a white classical musician said something like that about black violin players or something like that. People would be up in arms.

  • 540 Virginia

    Lord Jamar comments towards white rappers making dude look like a big DUMMY!!!
    (Fred Sanford voice)
    You would think a so called HIP HOP O.G. would know HIP HOP is universal for all the masses.
    (Afrika Bambaata 101)


    I don’t think the RENTER likes being told by the OWNER that your lease is up with no chance of renewal!

  • Necey

    The funny thing is if this was said about a black person by a white person they would be screaming the white person was racist. As a black person there is no color on Hip Hop and white rappers are not just guest. There are white rappers who would mop the floor with a majority of black rappers in the game and for this dude to sit here and act stupid because he got called out on his BS is funny to me and news flash dude made a threat on a social blog smh oh how is this suppose to be a hip hop O.G acting like a lil B***H?

    • Guest

      Well, bless your foolish heart.

  • Alice Berry

    LOL, Yelawolf is nothing but loser. Everybody thought he was the next Emineim, a lame noisemaker, but Yela never got his so-called career off the career. He sucks anyway he mightiest get under welfare.