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FX Channel To Debut Cartoon About Gay White Rapper [VIDEO]


Cartoons have a long history within Hip-Hop culture. While many artists have lent their voices to different animated productions in the past, a new series called Chozen is primed to be a game changer as it is centered around a gay white rapper.

“Chozen” is a white man who went into prison heterosexual but as of his release is now a proud homosexual. The series follows his readjustment to society after his stay in the penitentiary and aspirations of Rap domination.

Chozen is the creation of Grant Dekernion of Eastbound & Down along with Adam Reed and Matt Thompson from Archer. Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live), Michael Pena (Gangster Squad), Kathryn Hahn (Anchorman), and Method Man will lend their voices to the project. Additionally it will feature song performances from the lead character and his crew.

The series is set to premiere January 13th 2014 on the FX channel. You can peep the gratuitously offensive trailer of Chozen below.

Is this something that you would watch or is FX trolling us all? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • Guest

    This is a game changer? A gay white rapper can get a cartoon before a black anything…

    • King Flashy TheFirst

      Yeah because there are no black cartoons… And no black people in this cartoon.


      • Guest

        Be serious, that’s like saying because I ate the crumbs of a cake I actually had a slice of that cake.How many cartoons have you seen ever total with a Black Character as the lead? I guarantee you only need two hands to count them. Oh and if a Black Character was the main character in this show it would be incredibly racist, from the trailer all I’ve seen are stereotypes.

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Off the top of my head?

        Black Panther, Boondocks, The PJs, Little Bill, The Cleveland Show, Proud Family, Class of 3000, Filmore, Wayne Head, Afro Samurai, Fat Albert, The Globetrotters, The Jackson 5ive and I’m sure there are a lot more I am forgetting. I am not claiming that there is not a shockingly low amount of black cartoons, but this quote:

        ” A gay white rapper can get a cartoon before a black anything…”

        is simply incorrect.

      • Guest

        All canceled shows.

      • King Flashy TheFirst

        Not all of them, and do you have a point? Of course there is not a bunch of black shows on TV. What does that have to do with this show?

  • Melody Carroll

    this is horrible i wont be watchin

  • tysandsnyc

    Looks cute. I wish they would’ve had a cuter cartoon character though.

    Will this be by the same people that created Archer?

  • Alice Fioroni

    wow! i hope that it will come also in Italy!

  • Mr Dobbs

    What in God’s name has happened to this country?

    • Michael Marini