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Bangin Candy: ATCQ’s Body-Painted Model Stephanie Santiago [PHOTOS]


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    i was thinking she’s ‘Midnight Marauders’ 100% G! 😉

  • Monako

    Thick is a new form of being overweight.

    • big_mars75

      If that’s overweight, then fat chicks need love too! I’ll take that ANY day over the rail thin chicks littering Maxim and runways!

    • TimeForFacts

      Monako is gay.. This was put up for heterosexual men. Not homo’s.. GTFOH

      • Monako

        Black Americans and their standards… go figure.

      • black god

        im curious do black americans troll whatever websites you people look at or is that just a white thing?

      • Monako

        Who said i was white?

      • Meisha

        Black foreigners and their obsession with Black America. BLOOP

      • Monako

        Let me rephrase that for you– Black foreigners and their Embarrassment of Black America. BLOOP

      • Hypnotized Minds

        No black people do the same damn thing, and do it a lot. P.S. you’re a ignorant racist, stop being a victim.

      • Aang

        get emmm

    • Willow

      A woman OD on core and leg workouts and you think she’s overweight? You have a lot to learn about the female body

      • wtny64

        Hey, Willow-sorry I’m posting on an old thread. But that kind of thinking about women and their body image really doesn’t have a place anymore.
        Shame on me, but it sure seems sometimes that the persons making comments like that really don’t have any interest in the female form anyway.
        Oh, and ‘Monako’? Ms Santiago could snap you in two just using her knees.

  • To be clear though, she is not the original model from the Low End album cover right? I mean, she’d have to be pushing 40+ now if she was and she sure don’t look it….

  • Aang


  • Greenbackgang.net

    Damn im loving it!!!

  • Just another thirsty chick whose family must be so proud! (rolling eyes)