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Chief Keef Has Baby With 29-Year-Old, Ordered To Pay $25K In Back Child Support


Chief Keef‘s bank account is about to get leaner. Another woman has established Sosa as the father of her 10-month old child, and is seeking plenty of cash in child support. 

Repors TMZ:

Keef’s attorney says the rapper admitted he’s the father of a 10-month old child …. after being confronted with some pretty conclusive evidence — his own DNA.

According to the lawyer … Erica Early went to court in Chicago to establish paternity. The DNA test shows there’s a 99.9% chance Keef is the papa.

The 18-year-old rapper is still in court-ordered rehab in California for his weed smoking … so he wasn’t in court when the judge ordered him to pay Early $2,500 a month in child support … plus, another $25K lump sum payment for the previous 10 months. 

But good luck collecting … Keef owes thousands of dollars in back child support in ANOTHER paternity case … and he’s not coughing it up willingly.

Let’s do the math… Back in late October, Keef paid $11K of the $20.9K he owed one baby momma in child support to avoid the bing. That leaves a balance of about $10K plys the $25K he just got hit with by the newly established baby mama. Add to that the fact that you can’t perform while in rehab, and Sosa may have to Google the word “budget.”

Also worth noting, Erica Early is reportedly 29.

By our count, the 18-year-old Keef has at least two kids. There is also word that another woman is pregnant with what will be his third child, we think. The struggle is very real.

Photo: Cook County PD

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    child molester

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    they should lock her up for molesting that boy….

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    He’s 18 legal in all 50 states that wouldn’t make her a child molester you morons

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      they were fecking before he was 18, obviously…. fecking idiot

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      You do know babies are not microwave burritos right… They usually take about 9 months to make…. Plus the baby was 10 months old by the time she said anything

  • laquan

    she should go to jail MOLESTER