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Sharkeisha Is Trending For All The Wrong Reasons


Sometime yesterday, “Sharkeisha” started trending on Twitter. It turns out Sharkeisha isn’t a SyFy channel movie or an exotic food dish but a teen girl that sucker punched another teen girl in the face over what seems to be a dispute over a boy. This, is an example of coonery at its finest. 

The Internets proceeded to go ham, divided between those guffawing at the outrageous ultra-violence and those cringing at people taking an assault as something to make light of. Of course, memes started flooding in about the punch. As the video (last page) shows (which of course made it World Star, where else?), the blow was particularly vicious, and the victim also gets kicked in the chest.

Also, there is the audacity of this wily chick of obviously ill repute being named “Sharkeisha.”

If you do choose to laugh at this particular travesty, keep in mind that you’ll be chuckling along with a legion of people who think this is the sort of classless behavior typical of any and all Black women, right on up to the First Lady.

There is nothing funny about that.

It seems like Shark may have been arrested for her folly, though. Peep the alleged mugshot below and more memes on the following pages.


Photo: YouTube

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  • dh

    This wasn’t funny, and the reaction on twitter was disgusting. Shame on a whole lotta people right now.

    • Dary_Montana19

      That shyt was hilarious

    • Jazzie Jae

      I agree w/you it was very disgusting it goes to show what our society don’t care about and that is our kids today or violence it’s a damn shame !! SMH

      • dj

        I do care about the senseless violence but when you point it out you’re called a racist.

      • Joe

        Newsflash. If you’re white, you’re considered a racist no matter what by ALL liberals and the media.

    • dj

      But mostly shame on this vicious savage!!!

    • Karen Suzuki

      No not funny at all.


    lost in translation…

  • DrM_11

    man, make-up is a hell of a drug lol

  • FreshPrinz

    Dont insult the Worldstar Family. We the best.

  • dj

    Subhuman Savage!!!

  • Karen Suzuki

    I am just glad her injuries were not more serious. I was sure she would have lasting injuries, I mean besides the psychological injuries.

  • suezzy q

    what was that move she did before she kicked her??im just asking. she shouldn’t have sucker punched her. if you going to get it on get it on like you grown and not like a coward!!!

    • miss rivers

      That’s right, fight like a woman don’t steal me,but clearly that gurl didnt no what was going on.

  • Joe

    Excellent. Now give her several years in a cage.