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Kanye West Pushes DONDA In Silicon Valley, Investors Not Interested


Kanye West has been a hot news item of late for all the wrong reasons. Now, rumors that Yeezy has been courting Silicon Valley investors to throw capital behind his DONDA venture are flying around but it appears nobody is interested.

Gawker’s ValleyWag learned from sources that West has been holding audience with venture capitalists in the Bay Area tech corridor attempting to get some financial backing for DONDA. In fact, it’s being said that West’s fancy engagement to Kim Kardashian at the San Francisco Giants ballpark, AT&T Park was full of the investors Yeezy was hoping to woo. West isn’t exactly winning over investors either after a public spat with Zappos and his abrasive pitch style, sources say.

From ValleyWag:

“I think he’s getting frustrated. People are enjoying meeting him because he’s Kanye and they want to take him around, but then they’re not actually investing,” said one source. Investors like the coolness by proxy, just not his pitch style. “If you see his behavior, it’s so erratic, he’s not focused and kind of all over the place,” the source added. West’s caustic public criticism of investors has also left VCs a little gun shy.

Read the rest of the ValleyWag story on Kanye West and DONDA by following this link.

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  • Rosemary Davis

    This is not a surprise Kanye because Kanye has lampooned his own ideas and visions by being critical of Louis Vitton, Nike,Zappos, and others.If he has the money that they claim he has he should financially able to back his own adventures and designs without the help of investors.Further Kanye makes no sense he all over the place trashing people and no one is going to put stock or take a chance with someone with this type of radical behavior he’s unstable too say the least and spends his money foolishly and unwisely he will end up like Mike Tyson broke in every sense of the word

    • hardtimz

      Agreed! He have LAMPOONED any chance of any business deals as of lately. He’s all over the map screaming and hollering about how great and in genius he is. His soon-to-be is so influential she’s better than everyone as well. He’s probably ruining business relationships that kim and her family have established as well. In, time most investors and company’s will begin outright avoiding him, if he continues on this warpath of Krazy.

  • Bambi

    I blame ol’ Poison Puss, over there. Ever n*gga she touches turns too dust.

    • hardtimz

      LOL, and that’s with messing around with all those broads, it seems to ruins the men lives and careers. The sooner men realize that, the better off they’ll be!

  • phlo

    Kanye needs someone to spearhead this project. He cannot be the face of it. He’s a creative not a CFO with business acumen. The idea that Kanye West is pitching his own stuff after ranting like a lunatic on radio and television is laughable. I love Kanye, he’s dope, and the yeezus concert was amazing but he won’t be taken seriously by investors if he keeps behaving the way he does. I wouldn’t put my money anywhere near him. He might throw a tantrum and sink the whole company.

  • baybeK8s

    Kanye should just go make his pitch on Shark Tank and be done with it.