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The Hip-Hop Shop: 10 Dope Rap-Inspired Goods


How’s your wallet looking at the tail end of this fine Black Friday? For the Hip-Hop fans with a few more duckets to spare, we present to you Hip-Hop Wired‘s The Hip-Hop Shop: 10 Dope Rap-Inspired Goods.

This bi-weekly feature lists the top items for purchase that we think connoisseurs of the culture should be aware of. No, this wasn’t inspired by some form of payola. In fact, we’d rather find out about whatever products brands are pitching on our own time and merit.

Since that’s clear, let’s get to business. Our first assortment of e-commerce goodness is comprised of more clothing than anything, but as we move forward, the list will don additional trinkets, artwork, and more that you’ll hopefully enjoy.

See what the a few dope brands have to offer in the gallery on the following pages.

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