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The Top 10 Worst Spike Lee Films Of All-Time [PHOTOS]


Even though he has several classics under his belt, Spike Lee has officially struck out with his latest film Old Man. While he will still garner the respect he rightfully deserves, he has left a trail of movies that tarnish his legacy.

Whether or not he can be classified as an artist who is now past his prime is still up for debate. Nevertheless, the Brooklyn representing Lee has brought a distinctive style of spotlighting race relations, key historic moments and the role of media to the big screen since 1983. This in turn has produced hits like Do The Right Thing, Jungle FeverMalcolm X and Bamboozled.

Though we always trust Lee to bring his best, sadly that is not always the case. So this prompted us to take a hard look at his filmography and the numbers didn’t lie.

So we present the top 10 worst Spike Lee films of all time from worst to best. We are confident you’ll agree with our selections, but if you don’t let us know in the comments section.

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  • Freak Nique

    Drop Squad aint even a Spike Lee film but yall knew that

  • Guest

    Get on the Bus was a really good movie. You all are totally wrong on that pick.

  • brown953

    I thought Miracle at St. Anna was brilliant! Yeah, there was the screenwriter, who also wrote the original story, who was not edited enough (something Lee should have been on top of). …. But the brilliance of that story and juxtaposing the various elements fighting the war and within those elements, the good/bad/grey areas of people…..Amazing!…The scene of prayers- where segregated American blacks, segregated American whites and the doomed German prisoner (who saved Italian lives) of the corrupt Italian ‘freedom’ fighter was so powerful!

  • Dmax Lomax

    I think this article shows the level of articulate intellect a lot of these writers don’t possess. His movies are like soul music classics, it’s not for everybody.

  • Tori

    I just clicked thru to make sure my favorite movie, Crooklyn wasn’t on the list.

  • Deshaun Williams