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Man Facing 142 Charges After Snitching On Himself Via Instagram [PHOTOS]


This man, is an idiot. An alleged jewel thief and burglar named Depree Johnson is facing 142 charges after investigators took note of copious amounts of photos of himself, a convicted felon, posing with guns on his Instagram feed. Yes, this happened in Florida.

Reports WPBF: learned Friday that detectives from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office were actually investigating Depree Johnson in connection with a series of jewelry thefts in several Boynton Beach senior communities.

Once they had information that led them to Johnson’s Lake Worth home, they recovered “numerous pieces of jewelry … (including) watches, charms, necklaces and loose diamonds, as well as two stolen firearms,” according to a report by the sheriff’s office.

Officials said they recovered about $250,000 in jewelry, electronics and firearms.

Johnson faces 142 counts of possession of weapons/ammunition by a convicted felon, among other charges.

Check out photos of Johnson mugging for the camera with his jewels, cash and guns, which are all now surely part of the evidence against him, in the flicks on the following pages. There are also images of the stolen items that were recovered.

The struggle, and coonery, is so real.

[H/T Gawker]

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Photos: Instagram

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  • Ben Ricks

    Well,l what else would you really expect from today’s stupid young idiots. They are all want to be’s. They get the their ideals of what a real man is from rap videos and some athletes, instead of a father. No education, no direction and no respect for others = Idiot in jail. This is so sad, really.

    • Poochie McNeil

      Thts the realist comment I’ve seen so far!! I cudnt have said it no betta myself!!

      • DJ Scatt

        Wow …. You were an English major, huh ?

      • David McIntosh

        You are the dummy for missing the OBVIOUS SARCASM…

  • Not-Jello Biafra

    One dumb niqqa.

    • Christophe Tam

      I’m thinkin about charlamagne’s donkey of the day intro: “i was born a donkey”

  • Taunya73

    Candidate for World’s Dumbest Criminals.

  • 13chakras

    “The south gone hold it down”

  • UpInYou


  • rogerhenderson2009

    Better sell them teeth so we dont have to pay for his lawyers….

  • rogerhenderson2009


  • Taryn Bryant


    • paul nicholas

      More then dilly doe cones with muesickal

  • paul nicholas

    Shot me in the back of my that was my head soudead 4 no earrning ft. Die f…m.p.nm.e

  • paul nicholas

    Owwnly don’t. Song u

  • paul nicholas

    I boys with that that that kills u.. pbnlnmlnpnm.

  • datboicold

    Well he musta took 2 chainz song to serious…..imma look fresh as hell if da feds watchin!!!!….smh….datz why u dnt put yo biz on fb…instagram or none of dat shyt….wen they gon learn….they always watchn….get smart or get locked up

    • Patrick Fries

      Who are you telling to get smart?

  • Marion Morris

    Keep on putting all yo business on fb and instagram! Smdh