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Colin Kaepernick Stars In Beats By Dre “Hear What You Want” Commercial [VIDEO]


After an incredible year which saw his San Francisco 49er team a strong effort away from a Super Bowl victory, quarterback Colin Kaepernick didn’t exactly waltz into the 2013 season with the heart of a NFC champion. His numbers are down from the previous year minus his seven interceptions which probably haunt his dreams on occasion.

As most–if not all–professional athletes know, the fans will love you to death when you’re on top and love to see your death when you lose. With a 8-4 record, the 49ers are still very much alive for the postseason but its came at the price for much ridicule for the young quarterback.

Like Kevin Garnett before him, Kaepernick is the next maligned pro to sport Beats’ Adaptive Noise Cancellation new product. The extended commericial, directed by Paul Hunter is even more flagrant than the last.

As the team bus route to the stadium is detoured by an angry mob, there’s plenty of cut scenes that depict middle fingers and flying objects that make Lupe Fiasco’s tomato look like child’s play. One crazed man even stops to take a potty break on a tire.

His sanity is rescued courtesy of Beats By Dre with Aloe Blacc’s “The Man” reprising its role as the lead song.

The Beats campaign has been taking television and the Internet by storm as of late. Kendrick Lamar and his mentor, Dr. Dre recently previewed a new song in their campaign for the new Pill XL.

Watch the video below and wait and see if the “Hear What You Want” campaign benefits Kaepernick in any way as they’re set to face off with division rival, the Seattle Seahawks later today (December 8).

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  • Bem

    Beats did a great job hiring not Seahawks fans for this commercial. Asshats.

  • Hawks United

    Direspectful company your being blown up all over facebook for implying our 12th man can be drowned out by your headphones. You lost Washington support dumb move. No hawk fan will support you.

  • Ethan

    I think you owe Seattle an apology! To even suggest that is the way we act at century link To other teams or their fans is false. I am a season ticket holder part of the 12th man and know for a fact it is more dangerous in the bay area then any where else. Get it right.

  • GL333

    Wow! Lots of butt hurt Seahawk fans!

  • -Christa

    Perfect person for this song. He is the man. Taken the ‘9ers to the conference title 2yrs! Can’t hate him for bein the man you guys wish to be!!!