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Thanks to the Internet and social media, plenty of crimes committed in barbershops across America have been documented. The barbers that allowed the haircuts seen in these photos are nothing short of criminals, or sadistic comedians. Probably both. 

Many of these struggle manes are the result of fast receding hairlines and Bigen Hair Dye. That’s the product of choice that requires barbers to put down their clippers and take up a paintbrush to work in that too dark to be real hair dye. There is also “mean weave” phenomenon which clearly must be stopped.

Of course their have been athletes, celebrities and civilians that have taken to the Internets to show off their new dos. The result is usually a motherlode of slander aimed at the audacity of their haircut. Like, Who are you trying to fool, bruh? And why does your hair look like a potential fire hazard?

With that in mind, let us take a look at the 10 most tragically silly fake haircuts and hairlines currently making the social media rounds. Our winner has to be son that went from balding to a hi-top fade. But please, let us know who you think has the worst in the comments.

Let’s start here…

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Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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