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Kanye West Complains About Only Getting 2 Grammy Nominations


As sure as the sun rises, Kanye West has an issue or beef with someone or somebody. In this case it’s the Grammy Awards for daring to only nominate him for two awards for his latest album, Yeezus

As many figured he would, Yeezy has commented on the slight. “Yeezus is the top one or two album on every single list,” told those assembled at US Airways Center for the Yeezus tour stop in Phoenix last night (December 10). “But only gets two nominations from the Grammys. What are they trying to say?”

West’s Yeezus album was nominated for Best Rap Album while the single “New Slaves” was nominated for Best Rap Song.

This is where it’s necessary to point out that over the years west has been nominated for 53 Grammy awards and has won 21 times.

At what point do you stop worrying about getting overlooked and just keep cranking out great music? That said, let’s not forget about 25 great rappers that have never even won a Grammy. Check out footage of Yeezy’s commentary below.

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  • Rosemary Davis

    Narcisistic people are never satisfied they always want too be the first and the best in everything no matter what they may have already accomplished in life

    • misss

      Why should anyone settle for second best, especially when they know they were deserving of more? It makes no sense that hes not in that album of the year category and also wasn’t nominated in 2011 for album of the year. The fact that NAS, Biggie, Snoop, and Pac have none. Kanye has that many because hes also a producer he makes other people music if John Legend wins he wins too!

      • LetMeThink

        But Yeesus wasn’t that great of an album, IMO. It’s not a race thing when it comes to Kanye. People just aren’t feeling this album as much and his delusions of grandeur aren’t helping him. What are “every single list” tht he’s talking about? Surely wasn’t #1 or #2 in overall album sales, his tour isn’t #1 or #2 in ticket sales overall. You would think he would have learned by now that strange ranting and complaining wont help him in any cause.

      • shero2

        Kanye needs to stop trying to get these white folks approval period. Yeezus was garbage! Oh well.

  • laylaklan

    You are an idiot, Kanye! Yes you are a black man and you always use
    this. You have 21 Grammys and you are stil crying. You should thank to
    Grammy because of these Grammys. Last year Justin Bieber and his manager
    Scooter said “ Grammy” and this year you are saying the same
    thing…. Just like all untalented people. You are all losers

  • Mario Munez

    they are trying to say: get your ish together K or they want more viewers for when u show up they can close in on your face when u win none of the awards.


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