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Grown Woman: 15 Beyoncé Lyrics That Will Make You Want To Buy Condoms [PHOTOS]


In case you didn’t get the memo, Beyoncé has put a stronghold on the music industry with her latest self-titled visual album. which dropped in the middle of the night on December 13.

We at Hip-Hop Wired waited for a bit of the shock and hoopla revolving around the album’s strategic unveiling and gave it a critical ear.

Our findings allowed us to believe that Queen Bey wanted to make a bold statement on to how sexual driven she really is. Most of the lyrical content is pretty much NC-17. Only her highness could drop an album that sounds like this and scoff at the thought of a parental advisory label.

Like every artist before her who gained a youth following in her career, the change in Beyoncé was inevitable. But no one in their wildest dreams would ever expect fellatio and explicit orgasms references in her music.

Then again, no one expected her to drop an album this year, either. Cop the album on iTunes and read up on 15 X-Rated Beyoncé album lyrics that will make you feel a little bit frisky.

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  • NO no!

    No matter how much you display her actions, beyonce does not seem like a sexual person.

    • RHONYC

      good shexy tunes tho’. reminds me of Prince on a few.
      definitely boudoir approved. 😉

  • MLS2698

    Monica Lewinsky needs to copyright her name…

  • DumbingUsDownW/BadMusic

    These lyrics are juvenile. Jill Scott could teach her a thing or two when it comes to writing lyrics for grown folks.

    • shutup

      Shut up! Always a damn hater!

    • RHONYC

      Jill made that video of her getting outta bed in a pair of f-me pumps so… Lol ;-D

  • Lots of sites are citing the lyric to “Haunted” as

    “You want me? I walk down the hallway. You’re lucky…the bedroom’s my runway.
    Slap me! I’m pinned to the doorway. Kiss…bite…foreplay…”

    But she actually says “Kiss…bite…fuck me”.

  • Joyce Jones

    Now with the song “Penthouse”, Beyonce don’t cook so don’t take it so literally.