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Adrien Broner Loses & Inspires Hilarious Twitter Slander [PHOTOS]


Adrien Broner lost for the first time last night, taking a unanimous L to Marcos Maidana. Considering the fighter’s mastery of sh-t talking, the Internets went in with the memes.

Broner, who is now 27-1, got knocked down twice. The fight wasn’t even close and images of him in the ropes as well as of a long walk back to his locker room with nothing but struggle on his face was all the fodder Black Twitter needed to go ham with the slander.

From Drake consoling him to the obvious Martin comparison to Broner getting baptized (yeah), the Photoshop creatives went in.  They even brought Maury Povich into the mix.

Check out the slander in the gallery, but let’s start right here. Bruh…

adrian broner 1

Photos: Twitter, Instagram

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  • melody

    broner was playin around to much and madinia showed him what time it was

  • Steve Perry

    So glad that little monkey got his a s s beat…that’s what he gets for talking so much s h I t

    • methHick

      Shut up cracker.

      • Bless Graphics

        White folks used to think the same thing about Ali and he went on to be a legend. It burns most of them up to see a brotha achieve so much through boxing. If a white boxer came on the scene talking as much trash as Broner and was undefeated he’d be viewed as the next coming of Christ. Black folks have to be humble all the time or you have to deal with haters like Steve Perry wishing for your downfall.

      • stoops

        Name one white boxer who’s been as cocky as Broner, Mayweather, or Ali…. That’s what I thought

  • Yoni Asmu

    Um…..Maidana may have used some performance enhancing drugs….it’s all over the web. One of his mates gave him a pill stuffed inside the cotton cloth

    • Rap Game Dave Chappelle

      Its a called smelling salt know wtf your talking about before spewing your ignorance

      • FormerChamp

        And you can’t use that in boxing either while you trying to pull someone else card that shid is illegal as well. So know wtf your talking about Mr. Spewing ignorance.

  • Venny

    Broner should now take on either Shawn Porter or Keith Thurman. He should now want to proof himself on boxing them both back to back in 2014.