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‘Twas the day before New Year’s Eve all was relatively quiet on the music front.

From seemingly out of nowhere, Nicki Minaj let one last cat out of her bag ‘o tricks to bless (or curse, depending on your perception with her “Boss Ass B*tch” Freestyle.

The record borrows its beat and melody from the PTAF song of the same name and it felt like a no-brainer for Nicki to cover to nearly everyone because the song’s ratchet chorus aligns itself with the Minaj M.O. when it comes to record-making.

And that, our friends, is where the opinions begin to divide. When you add a slow music day combined with a random offering from a big name, you’re going to get audacious reactions from the diehard fans. Sadly for them, the voices of reason brought their A-game in the slander and puzzlement departments.

As everything in life, people tend to talk in absolutes but to be perfectly honest, Nicki’s latest jingle is a standard journey in her aims to obtain all the cunnilingus she can handle.

Come hard or…never mind. Here’s the 15 LOL-worthy Twitter reactions from the “Boss Ass B*tch” throwaway.

Photo: Twitter, Instagram

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