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New Jersey Rapper Shot Dead In Hair Salon [PHOTOS]


While most of the rap world was mourning the death of Grand Hu$tle artist, Doe B this past weekend, on December 30, a lesser-known rapper by way of New Jersey met a similar tragic fate as he was gunned down in a hair salon in the middle of a heated argument.

Eric Andrews Jr., professionally known as E-9 was at the Somerset Street’s Nu Trendz Hair Salon in New Brunswick, NJ, whe shots rang out shortly before he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Two brothers Zaire Cromedy, 21, and Antwan Cromedy, 28, were sought in the connection and murder respectively and both were arrested and indicted on first-degree murder charges. They were considered to be armed and dangerous before their apprehension.


Antwan Cromedy, 28, of Bound Brook was arrested by detectives at his Bound Brook home shortly after noon and his brother, 21 year-old Zaire Cromedy of New Brunswick surrendered to police hours later, according to Somerset County Prosecutor Geoffrey D. Soriano.

The brothers were identified as suspects in Sunday’s fatal shooting inside the Nu Trendz Hair Salon in Franklin Township after detectives followed several leads and interviewed dozens of witnesses, authorities said.

Both men were charged with first-degree murder and were being held at Somerset County Jail on $500,000 bail, Soriano said.

E-9 was currently in a group with his close friend, 6Fo. Their biggest splash on the radar came courtesy of a Waka Flocka Flame collaboration in February 2012 by the name of “M.O.N.E.Y.”

Hip-Hop’s deadly love affair with guns unfortunately continues. Check the gallery to see the scene of the crime as well as the Cromedy brother’s mugshots.

Photo:, Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office, Instagram

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    Lol I love how this gets blamed on the gun at the end. Hey geniuses, if it hadn’t been a gun it would’ve been something else. The problem is thug “culture” not guns. #molonlabe

    • Grand Penis

      Dumb. You know guns kill faster than anything your average loser could get. You KNOW if it were a bat or a knife, someone could have stood up to fight back, or the thugs might have been less inclined to attack in public knowing it wouldn’t be a quick pop and then a getaway. Maybe those thugs wouldn’t have taken life so quickly if it weren’t for the gun. It’s one thing to be pro-gun, it’s another to be pro-gun and using stupid illogical reasoning to defend it.

      • Spike Cohen

        You’re right, no one was murdered before guns. Also, criminals obey gun laws, that’s why places with strict gun laws like Detroit and Chicago and DC are so safe. Have a great day.

    • neige

      Whr does thug culture come in wen it’s upper class shooting at an all white school huh? Stupid people shouldnt be allowed to talk!!

      • Spike Cohen

        Did I say “all murders happen because of thug culture”? Go back and read what I wrote, look carefully. Is that in there? No? Huh. Guess I didn’t write that then. This particular murder is a side effect of that thug garbage that media is pushing right now, but all murders happen because someone wants to murder, doesn’t matter the race or what weapon they use.

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