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Kim Jong-Un Possibly Executed Uncle By Feeding Him To Hungry Dogs [VIDEO]


North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un and the ordered execution of his uncle last month made international headlines. Rumors are now surfacing that Kim’s authorities unleashed a pack of starving hunting dogs on Jang Song-thaek and some of his personal aides, who were all reportedly eaten alive.

The original December 12 report from North Korea never specified officially how Jang and his aides were executed, with some outlets speculating gunfire and other means. According to Hong Kong’s Wen Wei Po newspaper, Jang and five aides were stripped nude and then placed into a cage where 120 hungry dogs were released.

The news has been difficult to officially confirm as North Korea controls its media with a tight grip, but there has been evidence of the country using hunting dogs in such fashion. Last summer, as reported by NKNews.org, a video surfaced of the dogs ripping an effigy of former South Korean President Lee Myung-ba to pieces.

Several academics have pointed to the possibility of the gruesome execution, but none were confident in stating the incident as fact. However, other outlets have expressed caution in reporting about the matter as rumors about how Jang died has been swirling about for weeks

Hit the next page to see last year’s video of the Kim Jong-un’s attack dogs destroying an effigy of rival South Korean President Lee, along with a photo of Jang prior to his execution.

Photos: YouTube, Reuters

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