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Man Sentenced To 6 Months In Jail For Overpaying Child Support [PHOTOS]



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  • Robert Karl Stonjek

    There is a conflict of interest if a judge faces re-election and therefore has an interest in showing that he is tough on crime.

    A conflict of interest is a defence in itself and a reason why elected judges MUST disqualify themselves.

    It only takes one case to be successfully challenged on these grounds and no elected judge or DA will be able sit in judgement in the USA ever again.

    Note that a conflict of interest is usually quantified financially. The judge has a very high income and other financial benefits to gain if he/she imprisons a person regardless of whether they are guilty or whether they deserve imprisonment or the length of sentence given if this behaviour can be shown to improve their chances of re-election. The conflict can be confirmed if past judgements and sentencing decisions are presented as a case for that judge’s re-election.

    In other words, if judgement and sentence is influenced by any factors other than the person’s guilt, culpability, risk to the public (etc, the legal considerations for judgement and sentence) then there is a conflict of interest sufficient to invalidate a verdict (in all first world countries).

    For instance if a judge is paid money in an effort to sway opinion on a particular matter (a bribe) then the verdict and sentence are not valid. There is no difference if a judge makes a decision in the hope of getting employment via re-election.

    Americans may well complain about their system or some aspect of government, but it is Americans who vote the government is and it is Americans who allow injustices to persist unchallenged. Americans suffer the consequences of their own actions and inactions……

    Note: The Judge in this case, Lisa Millard, and Judy Dougherty competed in the general election for Judge in 2010 and Millar won with 54.8% of the vote.

    • Guest

      Judges aren’t elected they are appointed for life unless they get impeached… discrict attorneys are elected

  • NixonNet

    Um, I’m confused

  • NixonNet

    Um, I’m confused. The article sound like he was sent to jail for overpaying his child support, but the judges quote sounds like he was held in contempt

    • Ms.Tale

      He was probably held in contempt for walking out after the judged ordered him to pay the 3 grand for his ex’s attorney. That’s what’s confusing me, why would she make him pay that, especially if he’s up to date on all his payments AND seeing the child MORE than what the court mandated. It seems to me the man didn’t need to be put on child support at all since he’s willing and able to do what he’s suppose to.

      • guitargodkc

        This is Texas! A few years ago, they passed a law to “prevent” frivolous lawsuits where the plaintiff must pay all court costs of the defendant if the suit is found to be frivolous. But, judges are imposing these charges on almost all losing parties of court cases. In this case, the baby mama hired a lawyer to go to a hearing regarding child support, so she incurred courts related costs. Do the loser in the case, the dad, has to pay!

        Also note, in Texas, a father will find it almost impossible to have their child support reduced if his financial status changes. I am still being billed for child support even though my child had lived with me since 2008. The AG’s office refuses to work with fathers in almost any manner and typically use high pressure tactics to get what THEY want, not necessarily what’s in the best interest of the child.

  • Ram

    This guy got screwed over as most men do in child support cases. I think that the judge ruled with bias due to his New Panthers leadership status. Also, race was probably a factor because this would not happen to a white man.

    Frankly, I believe that the U.S. does not know how to deal with black men in any other way besides jail or prison. Whites commit more crime, but few actually go to prison. A black man can slip on a banana peel and he is sent to prison. If every white that should have gone actually went to prison we’d have to build hundreds of new prisons for them.

    • Dr. Philbert Desenex

      You are a racist.

      Whites don’t record their crimes and upload them to WSHH for ‘street-cred’.. it seems merely that blacks get caught more often than whites.

      A NBPP member is the equivalent of a Klansman.

      Only not as bright…

      • Rich Weigel

        Oh Klansman are bright huh? Any person that has to hide behind a hood and robe to me has no balls. No balls equals coward in my book.

      • GavinVolaire

        Not that I’m interested in defending the klan but you might want to look up the word “bright.”

      • Al Eng

        The Panthers were cowards also. His statement was that blacks get caught more often because they are not as bright. Look at some of the crime they commit. Really stupid stuff especially to give up your freedom for.
        Next time there is a KKK march be sure to state your feelings.

      • belle

        people of all races commit crimes… you guys believe blacks are caught more often because that is what is portrayed portrayed portrayed the media..

      • Kim Williams

        As a 43 year old white woman, I would like to question just how many Klansmen you’ve met. Especially since you think they are/were even remotely “bright.”

      • Shane

        So, am I the only person in the world that understands the difference between culture and race (or “color”). It must be hard to live life being confused by what color things are.

        For instance, I have noticed that most office chairs are black. But this says something about my own observations and experience which may be right or wrong. But the existence of a style of chair in a particular office does give me more of an impression of why that particular chair is black.

        Think harder. Or is that asking too much?

      • oh shut up

        I was with you until the last sentence. That just goes to show you’re an idiot too.

      • melissa

        If KKK members were “bright” there actions and beliefs would be accepted by society to this day. When was the last time a KKK member spoke publicly? (except for the ones around your dinner table smoking meth with your wife and children)

    • wyateerp1

      I was run through the Judicial system, I was on unemployment and when I went to court the Judge and ADA said that I would owe monies to my ex-girlfriend based on Min. Wage. I was taking home $120 a week on unemployment. I pay $398.65 a mo. for one child. I have a job now and I make $10.72 an hr now. I live with my Mom and Dad at the age of 56. I can’t afford to live on my own. I have had job’s here in Arizona making $65k a year. but those job’s are gone. I bring home approx. $377.00 bi-weekly.After ded. And I am a WHITE guy. So it happens to all of us, Not just skin color. By the way my Judge was a Woman.

      • wyateerp1

        I took this job to get off of Unemployment and now I can’t leave because I am required to have and pay Insurance for my daughter whom I have only seen ounce in the last 10 yrs. I’m in Az and her mother moved to Minn.I have to pay 3 yrs. in arear’s for Support. My daughter turn’s 18 in Dec. of 2014.

      • 1776

        Women don’t belong in any position over men…be it (supposed) leadership or “judgement”. God didn’t intend that, & His Word gives proof of such (OT & NT).

      • Vladsmom

        Not if the man is not a true Christian. I had a boss that had several charges of assaulting his wife. And he was an alcoholic. I NEVER did what he said. I’m still there after 22 years. He’s gone. :/

      • Dreams are Journeys

        First don’t bring God into this. Second your a sexist. SOB I don’t agree with the judge but all this racial BS. Is not needed. He walked out the court that is why he went to jail. Period.

      • gregory

        I agree, I am tired of hearing how people of one ethnicity have it harder than everyone else. Had the guy kept his composure and not have walked out of the court room, the outcome may have been different.

      • sarah

        Just because he walked out still doesn’t justify putting him jail for that long. Sorry it is just insane. He was paid up to date on his child support and that is all that was required of him. At least he isn’t behind like the majority of father’s are.

      • Cam Davis

        Yeah, you don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve been locked up for “contempt”, because I couldn’t get insurance on my son who resided in another state. I had proof I couldn’t get insurance thru work or any insurance company I contacted. Judge didn’t care. I lost my place to live, my car, and a 60k a year job. When I was released from jail, I was homeless, carless, and unemployed. I now make about 25k a year and still have to pay the same child support amount plus interest. Oh, and I’m also considered a white man.

      • Wayman

        Interesting comments being made here, but the issue at hand is regarding a man going to jail for child supports arrears that he paid in full. I’m not sure it says he went to jail for contempt. The mother’s lawyer is just being vindictive and the judge as well. Its a little bit of race and gender bias involved in his dealings with the court. For anyone who has had to deal with family court regarding chil support, then you’ll know that its about punishing the fathers, irregardless if they’re good dads. It a political issue now and will only be addressed from one view point. Villify the fathers as deadbeat dads generates less sympthy for fathers and the importance of fatherhood.

      • Mary was in a position of leadership. Your church just doesn’t teach you all the facts. Pick and choose.

    • Al Eng

      What A lot of racist nonsense! Blacks are in jail because they EARNED the right to be there. Now I don’t believe in this one case this man belongs in jail and I think the judge needs to be fired. But your racist stuff don’t fly anymore. It’s passe!

      • Snow39

        Really????? People make mistakes and some people are even in jail/prison because they are fasley accused.. so I think you need to shut up because you sound real ignorant. So I guess the whites EARNED the right to b dope addicts huh????

      • Al Eng

        Even though you are the real racist I will comment for fun. People make mistakes, those were your words. OK some people and a miniscule amount were convicted. People make mistakes right? Now we know who the REAL racist is!

      • belle

        absolutely! not everyone in jail deserves to be there!

    • chris

      O trust me. It has nothing do do with being black. I had a jew judge that put me through the ringer in the same way. I’m white. Its not about what color you are. Its how much they can squeeze out of you

    • Finkster

      Youse full of Crap Bro. Them white boys is mostly workin them jobs that them Mexicans want that youes is too lazy to do. White man pay the way fer youse welfare pimps to be stupid.

    • jackian6


    • guitargodkc

      Just for clarity, the father isn’t a member of the New Black Panther party. That was Quanell X. He’s an activist, or hired gun depending what press he’s receiving.

    • childofkarma

      Read the article. Mr Hall, the man involved in the support case, is not the leader of the nrw black panthers.

      – “This entire situation is shocking to me,” says community activist Quanell X. “I’ve never seen one like this.” X is the leader of Houston’s New Black Panther Party and has tried to petition for Hall’s freedom to no avail.-

      Their leader is advocating for the father. But otherwise there is nothing in this article that ties him to that group.

    • Eric

      You are nothing but a racist negro.

    • gregory

      I am tired of hearing how people of one ethnicity have it harder than everyone else. Had the guy kept his composure and not have walked out of the court room, the outcome may have been different. Father’s in general have difficulties when it comes to custody/child support battles. No I’m not white, I am of Mexican descent.

    • John Obrien

      You are totally wrong in this case, 1st)of all I think your deff playing the race card,2nd) you sound like a real idiot with no freaking brains at all.3rd) I will agree with you that this black man got royally screwed by this white idiot judge who Dosent deserve to be a judge at all. The judge should have praised this BLACK MAN for paying more child support then he needed too and being there with his son more then most men or women spend with there kids after a divorce,at least this BLACK MAN did all and more then the courts required him to do at all. 4th) I’m a WHITE MAN who had the same troubles as this BLACK MAN and GUESS WHAT? The judge sent me a WHITE MAN to JAIL even when it was THERE MISTAKE. I had been done paying regular child support, my children were adults,finished with school,and owned there own homes and doing very good and made me very proud of them but I still owed a small amount in arrears to child support,only less then 2800.00 in which I was only required to pay 20.00 per week if I wanted to stretch it out time wise , in which I the WHITE GUY did NOT want to do. I had paid them more then ordered and when they notified me WHITE GUY to appear in court for a hearing I sent them the copy’s of all payments made with a letter showing them that I was not only up to date with payments but was also overpaid by around 750.00 also a letter from the probation office stating I was correct. Guess what BLACK GUY, the WHITE JUDGE still sent the 2 WHITE Police officers to my house and arrested this WHITE GUY and locked up this WHITE GUY for about 2 weeks until my WHITE probation officer went and explained to him that I was right and the WHITE JUDGE was wrong. Well now I’m down to only a couple hundred dollars until I’m totally paid in full. But this WHITE GUY is going to make this WHITE JUDGE and the court system wait. 5th) So if you think that WHITE MEN get off easier then BLACK MEN your DEAD WRONG!!!

  • Harold Melvin

    the judge and the baby mammy needs to die

    • I can’t believe it !!!!

      Harold Melvin have you seen the blue notes?????

  • RU_Nutz

    That idiot of a judge needs to be removed from the bench and forced to pay restitution to Mr. Hall.

  • ranfan

    Lmfao, guy look like s mix between shaq and joel anthony

  • Mobutu Yambe

    I’m no lawyer but i do believe the man’s constitutional rights where violated.

  • lpat

    Has to be more to this story

  • eddiemm

    This is a poorly written and confusing story.. but even for contempt.. six months is a long time.. IF the guy was in fact doing the right thing.. its a big over-reaction by what appears from the story to be a crazy judge (but the story is hard to read).. . here’s the most right thing.. have children with the woman you marry and STAY married.. avoid all this crap..

    • Jersangel12

      If you can’t get along with the other parent staying will only make things worse for them and the child. Take it from someone who knows what they are talking about

      • Tired of Excuses

        Take your time and pay attention before you get married and selfishly decide to have kids. It is called being responsible. It won’t stop all divorces, but it would lower them (and unwanted children).

    • guitargodkc

      This is Texas! This is how it works here!


    Judge Lisa Millard’s SHOULD BE THROWN OFF THE BENCH and all who vote can set the record straight when elections come around DO NOT FORGET that JDGES NAME!

  • Mildred Adolphus

    How is hell is he going to pay child support in jail? Where is the justice in this Justice? She is as crazy as the ex-wife. Just another example of what black men are subjected to by the society they are forced to live in. The judge, the lawyer and the sife need to be place in adjoining cells to the man thus adjudicated.

    • MA

      You know he’s not “forced” to live anywhere. He can move anywhere in the world if he desires. The jails are full of white men who have fallen behind on child support payments as well as blacks, Asians, Jews, Arabs, you name it. Do you seriously think that unfair treatment by the judicial system applies only to black men?? Wake up.

      • Al Eng

        Yeah but how many have went to jail for overpayment? This judge needs to be fired.

      • I don’t believe that’s what he actually went to jail for.

    • Robert Salinas

      Women do this crap to men. They are blood suckers and if they don’t start out that way their Momma and their lawyer retrain the way they think. Do ya think for one minute your ex would have any compassion for you at all. Throw this stupid judge out of the court room.

      • TamiB

        Has nothing to do with WOMEN.. I didn’t ask my ex for 1 red cent in child support when we separated/divorced & I had our daughter the majority of the time. I felt as long as he was being her daddy I cld/wld take care of her when I had her & him the same… He on the other hand retaliated & asked me for it so its not just women screwing men THANK YOU!!!!!

    • jackian6

      Im white was makin 12 bucks an hour 40 hrs a week breakin my back bringing home less then 100 dollars a week while my x sits on her a$$.

  • Guest

    THIS WHOLE COUNTRY NEEDS NEW JUDGES–ESPECIALLY FLA AND TX, DO THEY GROW THEM STUPID ON PURPOSE DOWN THERE?! The judgments handed down from those two states makes Lady Justice vomit.

  • hurtsdonut5

    The entire child support/custody system is horribly flawed, but any attempt to fix it is stopped by female activists. They cry “war on women” so legislators won’t touch it. Meanwhile men’s lives are destroyed by greedy vindictive women.

    • 1776

      Exactly. The system is very corrupt & overly empowered…not to mention filled with inept women judges who have no business in that position.

  • jenn

    This does seem odd.. The state of Maine states that if you are “sick” (my ex husband has had a Dr say they THINK he is “depressed”) AND you you reside in a different state from the one your child has been raised in (we’re in PA), that even though he shucked &jived his parental responsibilities for 17 yrs (yes we fought from our side through every legal avenue we had-but remember- he’s in Maine) , didn’t see his daughter and is TWENTY SEVEN THOUSND DOLLARS (yep $27,000.00) in arrears, it’ ok… He only now (she’s 23 y/o &he’s finally been “found” – I told them where he was quite a few times as he ran!!) He now pays approx 20.00 a week -when he can- if he works ( he IS depressed, poor boy *sarcarcasm..*) NO JAIL TIME. They took his liscense for a bit -that was all… Rules go, that the “order/mandate” is in the state of the “PAYING” parent- no matter WHERE the child is located & WHERE the order is filed FROM. Seems each state has their OWN set of child support laws & mandates & Maine seems to be one of THE most LENIENT states we have for child support enforcement… Makes me wish I’dve live in Texas… *sigh*

    • Jersangel12

      My father never paid the child support he was suppose to for 19 years. My mom was always told she had to find him. When they found him and started the child support back up he ended up owning 57,000 in back child support

  • Bobby

    The judge needs to see judge Judy to straighten this out; I think she has something personal…… :/

  • Robert Salinas

    People get fined a hundred bucks for contempt of court not 6 months. Hope his ex is enjoying her child support now. She should be happy with the judge and the decree to pay her lawyer.

  • 1776

    The details are a bit foggy, but it appears this boy was “made an example of” by a (AA appointee) judge on a power trip. Truth br told…her rightful place is in the kitchen, not on a bench rendering “judgement” over anything.

  • That guy

    So this judge is obviously having a “change of life” b@tch to stupid b&tch

    What type of cow tipping douche would consider this anything but a man hating cretin?

    Obviously wont get elected to anything but the Barr… To have her law license revoked.

    Too bad stupid isn’t painful…

  • wakeup

    This world is nothing more than a bunch of self righteous people on pedistools wanting their turn to mess with someone else’s life. Our freedom is a joke. The only freedom you have is to do as your told. If a couple split and a child is involved then the parent seeking sole custody should have the means to support the child. If its joint custody then their shouldnt be any forced payment to anyone as both parents spend equal time and thus money on the child. Putting someone in jail are you f*****g kidding me.

  • Loren Reece

    This is not right. The Judge just plain didn’t like him. No justice here.

  • readytomove

    you’ve got to be kidding me…this judge is abusing her powers and our system. 6mths for a guy that is taking care of his kid? What lesson does that teach? Damned if you do damned if you don’t… Id fight for full custody of my kid after that garbage

  • Something seems to be missing from this story…

  • Brock1983

    To me, this isn’t a black, white, or ANY COLOR issue. This man shows beyond a doubt that he cares about his son and wants to spend as much time as possible with him as well as being financially responsible. Who wouldn’t be disgruntled for having to pay court costs for a court case that was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS AND USELESS. In the end it’ll be the child that suffers the most AS USUAL. The family court system in this country needs A MAJOR OVERHAUL.

  • Jade

    My husband paid child support and then won custody of his kids. We then found out that his ex was getting welfare benefits for the kids when the state she lived in prosecuted for non support and did nothing to her for fraud when it was proven in court, to this day that state tries to get money out of us, who actually raised the kids.

  • Candra Pettigrew

    Child support is the dumbest thing ever thought of!! I am a woman receiving a and I think its wrong. I don’t believe that just because two people created a child ONE person (usually the man) should get stuck paying so much for. The guy has to pay child support and insurance literally leaving him very little to pay bills and buy food, and god forbid he fall behind then all he gets is threats. We are all humans having a child should not be the same as a prison sentence it shouldn’t be on the same level as crimes. Its an equal ordeal if it takes two to tango it should take two to raise. Child support needs to be dropped and dads should be able to be in the child’s life equally to the mom.

  • jen

    Okay now I want to know the exes stand on this. This man looks like he is an active dad physically and financially. Why is she dragging him to court? It sounds like she is bitter and wants to be controlling with when he sees his child. This is truly sad.

  • jen

    Another thing.. I wonder if his sons mother thought about what would happen if he lost his job due to her foolishness??? I hope she don’t get a penny more for a long time.

  • Finkster

    Chances are the Mommie has her a new bro living in the house. She need moor money to keep him outta jail for child suppoirt too. Then to have the Black Panthers speak out in youse defense is like getting Hitler to stand up for ya.
    The Judge do the best she can with nitwits. Now he loose the job that pay the man the money on payday and he be a Dead Beat after him get out the slammer.

    • Vincent Purvis


      • Mafioso_Lo


  • eufauxria

    Walking out of court when the court is still in session has nothing to do with overpayment or time spent. Why are there multiple court dates scheduled to begin with? Usually orders for support and visitation can be handled under one magistrates ruling unless the father walked out because this particular hearing didnt go his way. Was the hearing requested to reduce future payments because he suddenly powersurged his time spent and thought that would be a miracle cure to financial obligations? Race has nothing to do with this either. No man, no matter the color, likes to be told how much and when for anything they consider owning the “title” to (lol). Which is why I , as a woman, dont mind being court ordered 100% responsible for my child’s monetary, medical, and legal needs because they determined its “unreasonable” to expect the father to be held responsible. I am living proof the gavel can be pounded for this type of order as well. But there’s no resentment held against authority for me. I didnt walk out and disrespect the judge while court was in session like a little kid. I know my child will respect me even more with the decorum I carry in life. This is more important than orders for $ and time allotted. People will never understand that.

    • Vincent Purvis

      You are just making up crap that isn’t even in the story. You just wanted a platform to brag about taking care of you own children, as if you should be rewarded.

      • eufauxria


  • Eric

    In many courts across the country the judges will almost always rule against the father.

  • wayne wright

    His ex sure made her point. Now he’s in jail, lost his job and won’t be able to make any payments which will get him put back in jail. Are her other baby’s daddies making their payments on time? This along with welfare, section 8, school allowances and free or subsidize childcare is an accepted source of income for a whole section of society. More babies equal more money and the earlier you start the longer you get it.

  • Chuck

    Since my 5 year old could write a more coherent article I’ll have to infer but I bet the reason he paid the 3 grand he was late with was because mama dragged him back to court to get what was owed. I pay my CS, pay extra, visit my kids more than agreed, have them stay over, etc and guess what. I haven’t ended up back in court. He probably got caught up after he was caught being behind, and as the article said, paid up to avoid jail, not because it was the right thing to do.

    • aaron lilly

      you must not be able to read well as you did not see that even a fox news affiliate has stated due to a glitch in his companies payroll department he was behind and came out of his own pocket to make sure he was caught up. I know plenty of men with custody of their children and horrible women for the childrens mothers. my brother’s sons mother purposefully asked for him to be put on child support when the child has been with my family since birth all because he did not want to be with her. she went and got pregnant by another man who beat her and to try and win my brother back went to court and asked the judge to remove the child support order herself. now she has a child by an abuser and my brother and even though the abuser is property of th us army she gets no support and is trying to falsely claim the second child as my brothers to get a new support order established. well one dna test later she is even worse off than before only living on states assistance. plenty of women should not get and do not even remotely deserve custody of a child let alone a support order that will just about completely break good man and jade him toward his own child

    • It doesn’t matter

      You are the only intelligent person who commented on this article. That is exactly what occurred if people know the system. Plus this man is a dishonest business man who likes to put his hands on women. And his family & friends know this in Houston. SMH!

  • oh shut up

    The mother is anti American.

  • Wtf

  • my beliefs

    So man goes to jail for over paying on child support and for over visiting his son…..pure an simple case of BS!!!!

  • Wende Lee

    Let me get this straight we want men to do the right thing…….. pay their child support, to be a father present in his child’s life then when he does he gets punished SMH

  • Alexandra Schoonover

    Fire that stupid judge, and never let her back on the bench. Let the case become her worst nightmare, until she apologizes.

  • SeanCS

    What a joke!!! The childs mother should be investigated for financial fraud. This seems to be an epidemic, or even just a game with single mothers today. Trouble is, our legal system has already bit into it. But regardless of how much money mom gets every month, its never enough to satisfy that lifestyle every woman would like to live. And in the long run its the “fatherless” child that will pay emotionally.

  • Itsallthere

    He was jailed for Contempt Of C*nt!

  • Mafioso_Lo

    Women never satisfied now how’s this man supposed to catch up when he gets out of jail?

  • Cheryl Briggs

    This is confusing. In my state if youare in court for cs it usually doesnt cost the mother any three thousand dollars. That is crazy. Most judges would pat this Dad on the back for paying up his arrearages and taking an intrest in his childs life. There must be more to this story. Maybe the Mother was trying to take away visitation, that would make it more expensive to do. However, he shouldnt have had to pay her lawyer fees unless he took her to court and the judge ruled in her favor and then awarded her fees paid. Still sounds crazy to me.